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good morning. haiti in ruins. the island nation is in a state of chaos this morning following tuesday's quake. the death toll could be in the hundreds of thousands. residents still trapped in collapsed budings, but there are not enough rescue workers to get to them, and the red cross says that they are out of supplies. haiti is crying out for help and it can't come soon enough today, thursday, january 14th, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and welcome to "today" on
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this thursday morning. i'm meredith vieira. >> and i'm matt lauer. and the situation in haiti is breathtakingly bad. you're looking at the first aerial images of the destruction in that country some 38 hours after that powerful earthquake rocked the country. ann curry, al roker, brian williams, they've all made their way to port-au-prince. we're going to get their reports in just a couple of minutes. >> but first, let us get you caught up on the overnight developments. the death toll unclear this morning. haitian president rene preval has said the death toll could be around 50,000, but one haitian senator believes that it could soar to as high as 500,000, and there are unconfirmed reports of at least three american deaths. there are some 45,000 americans living and working in haiti. meanwhile, the first u.s. planes carrying food, water and other supplies have started to arrive. u.s. navy ships are headed to the region, one carrying 2,000 marines to assist with security there. we're going to talk to secretary of state hillary clinton about the u.s. response to the disaster in just a moment. but we want to begin on this thursday morning with ann curry,
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who is in port-au-prince right now, and she has the latest on the disaster. ann, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. not since the tsunami has there been a humanitarian crisis that has needed the world's help than this one in haiti right now. it is a country in chaos. [ screaming ] while the widespread damage is still being assessed, authorities are struggling to reach people who are still trapped in the rubble. entire neighborhoods across port-au-prince have been devastated, as survivors with no place to call home gather outside and wait for supplies. this satellite image from google shows the before and after of one area of the capital city where few structures remain standing. meanwhile, at the airport, crowds of victims have gathered in hopes of being evacuated. pickup trucks have been used as ambulances to carry the injured.
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>> i had only a little space to breathe. >> reporter: this woman says she was pinned in the wreckage for more than 12 hours. when you saw your husband and others dig you out, what was your reaction then? >> i started crying, yeah. i started crying. >> reporter: mobile medical units treated the wounded on the spot. >> i realize after earth was shaking. >> reporter: this is the first look at a moment when an estimated 30 tremors ripped this impoverished country apart. posted to youtube, it shows a cloud of smoke that witnesses say swallowed the city. 2 million people were within ten miles of the epicenter when the 7.0 quake struck. many images, some too graphic for our report, tell a story of those who were unable to escape. one of the first confirmed victims was the catholic archbishop of haiti, who was killed when the cathedral collapsed. ♪ i'm gonna let it shine
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today as the world watches, haiti's family and friends are waiting to learn information about loved ones. through thenight, our nbc news team received pictures and e-mails like this one -- "help me reach out to my father, jean thadal, in port-au-prince. i can't get through to him and he's 83 years old, partially blind and very weak." >> i have directed my administration to respond with a swift, coordinated and aggressive effort to save lives. >> reporter: early on wednesday, president obama pledged the full support of the united states. >> haitians are our neighbors in the americas and here at home, so we have to be there for them in their hour of need. >> reporter: the "uss carl vincent" will be a base at sea to provide communications and supplies like fresh water. many have taken to the internet to show support. less than 24 hours after the quake, a text message campaign has raised more than $1 million for the red cross. and that help i soarly needed,
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as we've just said. in fact, still now, there are stories emerging of people still waiting for medical care. currently, most of the hospitals are down, and so people are in clinics, basically out on the street, triage clinics, people are coming to these clinics asking for help, but there are a lot of people, matt and meredith, who are not still now getting the medical care they need after this devastating earthquake. now back to you. >> and we're hearing there are no medical supplies to be had. let's brg in brian williams, who is there at the airport along with ann and al. brian, good morning to you. >> reporter: meredith, good morning. this is a country that's had, as you know, problems developing and delivering basic human services for decades. and if it is needed to sustain daily life, they will need it from here on out, everything from banges to insulin to dialysis machines, everything. prenatal care has been a problem here, of course poverty,
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malnutrition, hiv/aids, and now so much of port-au-prince is in ruins. i had a chance to talk to president preval of this country, and instead of making a plea, interestingly, he wanted to thank the american people and the president for their instant response. is it true that you, mr. president, are homeless as well? >> yes, we can say that. >> reporter: you can - >> but i am sure that i will not sleep in the street tonight, but i'm sure a lot of people will sleep in the street tonight. >> reporter: what is your message for viewers watching tonight in the united states? >> first, i want to thank the people of the united states. >> reporter: here at the airport, an interesting story developed last night.
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we're at port-au-prince international airport, where when we arrived, about four aircraft were parked here, but then they all started filling the tarmac. no air traffic control until a group of u.s. air for special forces arrived from florida last night. they set up a make-shift control tower, and now approaching aircraft have some frequency to get on to coordinate some of this. in very short order, this will become the busiest airport in this region. meredith? >> brian, thank you very much. of course, brian's going to have much more on the recovery efforts in haiti tonight on the nbc "nightly news." but now let's get to al roker. al, good morning to you. i understand it's hot theren haiti. is that having any impact on the rescue efforts? >> well, the good news, meredith, is that it's not raining, because that would make a miserable situation even worse. and it is warm, but there is a good cross breeze, and that has kind of ameliorated the effects
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of the heat. temperatures today should get up to about 89 degrees today, tomorrow and saturday, but the humidity level is comfortable. again, the winds. as you take a look, again, plenty of sunshine. and to talk about something brian just mentioned, i was speaking with the air force -- one of the air force colonels here. there are two air force surgical units coming in, and they should be here either late this morning, early this afternoon. they will be setting up either on the airport grounds or very close to that. so, they will be able to be performing up to five intricate surgeries in each unit at a time, which will probably give them capabilities that they haven't had here in a long time. but again, the good news is the weather appears to be cooperating for at least the next 72 hours here in haiti as the rescue effort really starts to gear up, meredith. >> thank goodness for that, as you said, al. thank you very much. >> i want to mention that nbc's kerry sanders is also in haiti this morning.
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he took an aerial tour over port-au-prince, and the images, as we've already seen this morning, are startling. kerry, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, it's just stunning to get in a helicopter and fly over port-au-prince. this is a city that is crushed, buildings that have collapsed, homes that have just fallen to pieces and entire hillsides that have given way. and in many cases, in those shanty towns where the hillsides ga way, people are inside that rubble. there's a lot of questions of how folks are going to be able to be rescued, digging out the dead. but in many cases, it would appear that folks that are buried in that rubble may be in their graves already. there are just not enough hands and not enough people here who can get through that rubble. we did see one hopeful sign at a school yesterday. there was some mechanical equipment there, a crane that was gingerly removing some of the concrete there, hopefully to get some of the people who may have survived and could still be
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alive inside that rubble. matt, there was a trauma surgeon who flew in here yesterday from miami jackson hospital, and he said if they're alive, they can survive. we've got about a 48-hour window here. >> obviously, a lot of people praying for the people of haiti and port-au-prince this morning. kerry sanders, thank you very much. i want to mention, to learn more about how you can help the earthquake victims, please head to our website. that, of course, is it's now ten minutes after the hour. for more, here's meredith. >> matt, thank you. secretary of state hillary clinton cut short a planned overseas trip to deal with the crisis. madam secretary, good morning to you. >> good morning, meredith. >> you called the devastation in haiti biblical, and certainly, the pictures that we're seeing from there bear that out. this morning, what reports, if any, are you getting about the loss of life there and the extent of the damage? >> well, this camity has affected 3 million people. it has caused the collapse of tens of thousands of buildings.
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we know that there will be tens of thousands of casualties. we don't have any exact numbers now. i'm very proud of the u.s. government response. the president ordered a swift, coordinated, aggressive effort. we've got the airport open, thanks to the u.s. military. we've got our civilian search-and-rescue teams on the ground, thanks to usaid and fema. we are doing all we can to figure out how best to attack the devastationll around, and this is going to be a long-term effort. we have the immediate crisis of trying to save those lives that can be saved, to deal with the injured and the dead, to try to provide food, water, medical supplies, some semblance of shelter, and then to work with our haitian partners, the government of haiti, ngos, others to begin the rebuilding process. >> you mentioned the government
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of haiti. right now we know that many government buildings wer badly damaged or destroyed, including the presidential palace and parliament. the president is safe, but there are legislators and ministers who are still among the missing. is the government effectively up and running at this point? is there someone in charge and are you concerned about that? >> well, the president, thankfully, is safe. he has nowhere to live. his home was in the palace. he is working closely with those members of his government that can be located and communicated with. we have brought in communications systems to try to create some means for the government to function. we're going to be working closely with the government as well as with the united nations, which has equally been terribly affected by the loss of life and damage of their facilities, so that we can have authority, we can have government to coordinate the response.
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>> but we are hearing now, madam secretary, reports of looting and potential violence. what is the american government prepared to do to shore up security in haiti? >> well, thankfully, there already was on the ground about a 7,000-person peacekeeping mission from the united nations under brazilian general's command. the general was not in haiti at the time of the earthquake. the united states facilitated his return. he is now back in charge. the peacekeeping force known as minustah is out on the streets. they're clearing streets. they're bringing law and order. in a situation like this, where people are injured, where peopl are hungry, where people are disoriented, there is often the aftermath of looting and other violence. there hasn't been a lot of it until, perhaps, recently, but we're going to do everything we
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can with our resources, the 82nd airborne is getting to haiti today. the aircraft carrier "carl vincent" will be on the horizon soon. the coast guard has performed magnificently in helping to evacuate the injured, particularly american citizens. so, we have a full court press going on here at the president's direction. but this is -- i don't want to mislead anybody, this is a devastating catastrophe. and just to figure out what steps to take so we don't make the situation worse -- i mean, it's like, looking at these collapsed buildings, meredith, you know, you pull out one, you know, piece of wood, you may cause more damage than if you just let it stay there and went in a different way. this is incredibly complex work. we have some of the best people in the world from the united states down there and we're just going to do everything we can to be helpful. >> all right. secretary of state hillary clinton, we thank you so much. >> before we go, can i just say one last word?
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>> sure. >> i know there are many people watching who are worried about loved ones or family members. for information, please call 1-888-407-4747. and if you wish to help, you can text haiti, h-a-i-t-i, to 90999. we've collected about $3 million for the red cross, and i thank the generosity of the people of our country. >> secretary of state hillary clinton, thank you so much for your time, and we'll put those numbers on o website as well. >> great. thanks a lot, meredith. >> thank you. and now let's get a check of the rest of the morning's top stories. natalie morales is in for ann at the news desk. good morning, nat. >> good morning to you, meredith. and good morning, everyone. nbc news has learned that president obama has asked former president george w. bush to join former president clinton to work together as joint envoys to help in the haiti disaster relief. this is similar to the role clinton took on with former president george h.w. bush after the 2004 tsunami. suspected u.s. missile strikes today in pakistan that killed at least 12 alleged militants in a compound that was
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once a religious school. it was the eighth such strike in two weeks. on wednesday, officials in pakistan complained to the u.s. that missile strikes could endanger relations between the two countries. and more testimony today before a special commission looking into the cause of the economic meltdown in the u.s. on wednesday, the panel heard from top bankers. nbc's kelly o'donnell joins us now with more from capitol hill. good morning, kelly. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. yes, they were four of wall street's biggest names who came here ready to say their banks were part of the problem, caused part of the mess, but are still concerned about how much any new rules should change. banks' ceos under oath and under new scrutiny. as washington confronted wall street wednesday -- >> people are angry. they have a right to be. >> reporter: -- top executives from bank of america, morgan stanley, jpmorgan chase and goldman sachs admitted some responsibility in the collapse, like risky mortgage deals --
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>> we did eat our own cookie and we choked on it. >> reporter: but they acknowledge they were blindsided by the huge drop in the housing market. the execs put most of the blame on the other guys, like the investment firm lehman brothers that went under in 2008. but their banks survived and are back to making profits only after $700 billion in taxpayer bailouts. >> we've paid back 100% of those funds, $45 billion. >> reporter: by repaying taxpayers, banks avoid government limits on executive pay. >> i recommend to the board that i received no bonus in 2009. >> reporter: but that won't satisfy critics, as wall street reunds with billions in profits. and bonuses are back for many employees, millions to be paid out in the next few weeks. d today, president obama's expected to announce a plan to recover about $90 billion from these banks over the next ten years by charging a new fee on the country's biggest financial institutions. natalie? >> kelly o'donnell on capitol
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hill covering this story for us. thank you, kelly. r&b legend teddy pendergrass died wednesday outside philadelphia after a battle with colon cancer. he spent the las 28 years in a wheelchair after suffering a spinal cord injury in a car accident, but he continued to sing. teddy pendergrass was 59. and the minnesota family away from home for a month found out the hard way the damage a burst water pipe can do in the freezing cold weather. much of their house, as you can see there now, encased in ice. their insurance company is assessing the damage. looks like a total loss to me. 7:18 right now. let's turn it back over to meredith and tt. bad situatn for them. >> on this day of souch tragedy, just a quick note, teddy pendergrass -- harold melvin and the blue notes, and s solo career was -- a great musician. >> so young, too, 59 years old. >> sympathies to his family. >> absolutely. now let's go back to al in haiti for a look at the weather. al? all right, thanks a lot, meredith and matt. and behind me, you have french
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civil authorities, french civil service authorities. they flew in. this just landed within the last 30 minutes. they're offlding supplies and getting ready to go out and do some search and rescue. so, they're just another member of this international force that's coming in here to haiti to try and solve this massive problem. weatherwise, back in the lower 48 we've got a big storm system down in southern texas, where we've got flash flood watches and warnings in effect. over the next 24 hours. as you can see on the radar, we're starting to see a lot of heavy rain develop. it's going to get worse as the next 24 hours develop. we are looking for anywhere from two to four inches of rain, but . cally, five to seven inches of good morning, some of that rain is going to be making it up here by the end of the weekend, but between now and then dry weather and warming up. but now it's cold, just 30
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degrees, prince george's county in the low 20s. it in the teens to near 20 elsewhere. a southwesterly breeze should warm us up into the 50 >> and matt and meredith, just beyond the french, the chinese where thated flag is, the chinese are there. and of course, they know firsthand the devastation of earthquakes. two years ago, of course, that massive earthquake in china. and they were the recipients of an international airlift and workforce. so, it really is truly the united nations here working to try to help the folks of haiti. guys? >> all right, al, thanks very much. >> thank you. >> supplies are going to come from all over the world. one of the problems i was reading overnight was that once these supplies get to the area, they're worried that, first of all, do they have the infrastructure to distribute those supplies. >> right.
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>> also, they're worried the desperate people will start to storm those convoys and that the supplies will not get to other people because there is a bit of chaos there right now. >> and al mentioned china. i was there for tha earthquake, after the aftermath, and they're still recovering from that now. so, it's a very long haul. >> when you think about the numbers here, we're talking about -- the first lady of haiti says that about 3 million people have been impacted, so did hillary clinton. >> right. >> that's a third of the population of that country. >> exactly. >> and if the death toll gets up to somewhere near what some have estimated, it could be a quarter to an eighth of the population of port-au-prince. >> it's mind-boggling. >> it really is. al showed us the much-needed aid is coming in from fans, the aircraft from china behind that. it is arriving from all around the world or will be in the coming days, but the work there is just beginning, and the pictures tell a desperate story. >> absolutely the most horrific thing i've ever seen. >> there were thousands of
7:22 am
people in the streets, and the wails and moaning and crying of people who were desperate was overwhelming, to be honest. >> it is hard to look out and see a building that has not been affected. churches, mansions or little corrugated shanties, it doesn't matt matter, everybody in the city has been hit. >> we have no hospital, no electricity, nothing. >> no food. >> no food, no water, nothing. >> the hospitals were full of wounded people, and some cases, you could just see that they will not have long to live. >> and we are going to have much more ahead from haiti and here in a moment, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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still ahead, we're going to have more from al and ann live in haiti. >> and the story of a group of students from florida whose hotel collapsed. the whereabouts of some still unknown.
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7:26 is your time now on this thursday, january 14, 2010. we have breaking news this morning. a tanker truck hauling gas burst into flames around 5:00 this morning and continues to be a problem. this is a live picture. the fire is out now. it happene on montross road on 270. the driver is okay. let's check in with the news4 traffic network to see how this is still affecting traffic. >> yes, it is still affects drivers kn s northbound 270. the southbound lanes of 207 are open. it's going to be very slow, i wouldn't suggest committing to
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it. elsewhere around the area, we do have other problems, the ourer loop of the belt way, as you can see here, along the right side of the roadway and a new problem on the inner loop of the beltway overturned vehicle on georgetown road only has the left shoulder squeezing by. back to you. >> busy morning on the roads. we'll take a break and
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good morning, it's clear ra
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it is 7:30 now on a thursday morning. it's the 14th day of january 2010. you're looking at just some of the heart-wrenching images coming out of haiti today following tuesday's powerful earthquake. i'm matt lauer in new york alongside meredith vieira. and as you can see, the first wave of supplies, they started to arrive there in haiti. al's talked about an aircraft from france, one from china. but when you think about what the people there need, and it's basically everything -- food, water, medicine, shelter, clothing -- it could be weeks and months before their needs are met. >> i think secretary of state
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hillary clinton was so correct when she called this devastation biblical in nature. this is a country that is no stranger to disaster, manmade or natural. to have this happen after, i guess there were three hurricanes in 2008. >> right. >> they were just recovering from them. in a moment, we're going to talk to an american family whose daughter was on a school trip to haiti when the quake hit, and some of her friends are among the missing there. but first, let's check in with ann and al who are in port-au-prince. guys, good morning to you once again. >> reporter: good morning to you once again. we actually have some good news to report, and that is because these planes are actually able to arrive this morning since daybreak, because there's been a new communications system -- >> yes. >> you're going to be talking more about that in a moment. but what it means is that all of these planes that are gearing up today to arrive will probably have a way to land here, because yesterday it was very, very difficult. we saw the first one yesterday afternoon. >> all the pilots basically had to communicate with each other plane to plane and set themselves up along the tarmac, and literally -- i witnessed
7:32 am
from -- iceland air was already parked. a cargo plane from canada came in and their wings literally passed about three feet under each other. so, it was a real touch-and-go operation here all day. >> reporter: so, today, i think brian, brian williams actually said it correctly, this is going to be one of the busiest airports in the region very shortly today. and also, there is also some other good news, and that is with this airport working, that means that americans and others who want to get out can get out. i personally experienced going to the gates and noticing that many, many people are trying to get out of haiti because they're not getting what they need yet here, including people who are wounded have not had their wounds administered to. matt and meredith. >> you mentioned, i was going to say, the other thing we take for granted, the runway is intact. >> right. >> you think about how that earth shook for those 40 seconds and that that runway's intact allowing those airplanes to get there and now the communications system very important. al, i know you had a chance to
7:33 am
talk to some of the relief workers. >> yeah, we did, matt, and one of the things they were grateful for was the fact that the weather has been cooperating. but as you mentioned, this runway being intact is really a godsend, because for the next short while, this airport is going to be the epicenter of the reliefffort here in haiti. little recovery can take place in port-au-prince without a fully functioning airport. wednesday afternoon, american special forces arrived, taking command. how are you going to get this airfield up and running? >> well, we brought in the first elements that would open a base that's in need of it. we brought in an airfield management and an airfield clearing and control team. those guys are running the field right now. they're getting the calls inbound and approving landings. >> literally, you have people out on the field with radios. >> we do. we do. >> in contact with incoming
7:34 am
flights. >> yeah, because there's no communication right now with the tower here. so, they're running the field. they're in control of the field with the aircraft that are inund. >> reporter: earlier wednesday, americans with the interamerican development bank of haiti fled to safer ground on one of the few flights to make it out. recognizing they're lucky to simply survive. among them, one injured. what happened? >> we were in our office at about 5:00 conducting our regular business, had a very large earthquake. everyone managed to get out of the building safely. it was a lot of damage to our building and to many of the buildings around. we're probably one of the lucky ones because the buildings on both sides of us were collapsed. >> you only had one injury? >> one small injury, yeah. one of our specialists had a leg injury. >> reporter: while these americans made their way out, relief workers from around the world made their way in. what are you guys going to be doing? >> first and foremost, we're going to try to search for people which are buried in the rubble and then we're going to rescue them. and if we can, then we will try to care for them as much as we
7:35 am
can. >> what did you guys bring with you? i see several bicycles, duffel bags, water. tell me, what else did you bring? >> we brought in all kinds of equipment like power saws, breaking equipment, cameras, listening devices, food, water. so, we can be sufficient for seven to ten days. >> reporter: help also came from canada. these soldiers from ontario spent the day unboarding supplies as they ended the day boarding canadian citizens desperate to get home, 100 in total. when you talk to some of the people that you've rescued, what have they been telling you? >> some of the stories you told me were just mind-boggling, like very sad, very emotional, from what they say. but they're very glad to be out of here. >> reporter: american special forces say relief is here and this ijust the beginning. >> we're prepared to be here as long as we need to. we are an initial force. it's going to be a long effort as all sorts of folks are trying to help out this cause.
7:36 am
>> and in fact, ann, that's -- every group that i spoke with, that was the recurring theme, that they're going to be here as long as it takes. this is not going to be a hit it and quit it. they are goingo be here for the duration. >> because it's going to take a long time, to be honest with you, based on what we're seeing here on the ground. meantime, i think you want to give us a check of the weather. that's right. it's warm here and it's starting to warm up quickly as this sun rises. the good news is, we're starting to see a warm-up across much of the country. finally, we're seeing normal to above-normal temperatures, especially through the ohio river valley on into the mississippi river valley, tennessee river valley. we're seeing temperatures warming up anywhere 10 to 15 degrees above normal, and that's good news after good morning. yes, warmer weather is on the way for us later on today, but it is cold now. it's only near 20 degrees in prince george's county, and in the district of columbia we're in the upper 20s. fairfax and arlington county
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it's in the 20s. but we should rapidly warm up today with bright sun and a light southwesterly breeze, tomorrow a bit warmer, saturday, >> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> all right, al, thank you very much. and ann, we'll check in with you in just a little while. 12 students and 2 faculty members from lynn university, a small liberal arts college in boca raton, florida, had just traveled to port-au-prince as part of a january term program. this morning, seven of the students are reported to be safe, including 21-year-old julie prudome. her parents, jody and steve, are joining us now. good morning to both of you. >> good morning, matt. >> good morning, matt. how are you? >> fine, thank you. as parents, the most important question is how did you find out julie was safe? >> we read an e-mail last night after a phone call from the
7:38 am
university stating one sentence -- "i am okay" and we were overjoyed. >> steve, there had to be some agonizing moments, because i understand that after you heard about the earthquake, then there was a period of time you heard nothing, and then there was a period where some of the other students that were there as part of the program were able to send some e-mails or text messages, but nothing from julie. >> correct. >> apparently, one girl was able to send a text to someone in the united states, and julie was with that girl. and so, we did have initial confirmation around 7:00 p.m. the first night of the earthquake, tuesday night, that she was okay, but of course, you don't know what happens, the aftershocks and everything else. it was extremely anxiety-producing. >> steve, tell me a little bit about why she was there. what was this program? >> well, she's with food for the poor, and she was over there trying to make water irrigation systems to help better the water system over there. >> i mentioned there are 12
7:39 am
students and 2 faculty members. we have reports that seven of the students are okay. any way you're finding out, either through the school or through any of the hotlines, what the status is on those other students? >> lynn university, i cannot overemphasize how wonderful they've been. they have kept us up to date from day one, called us every step of the way, had a rescue team in place immediately, sent someone over there. they've been posting updates on their website, which we've been checking, and they have been absolutely wonderful advising us everyingle minute of what's going on. and we don't have any further word as of 10:00 last night, but we expect to hear again this morning an update, and we hope for good news for the rest of the team. >> you've got this one line -- >> the worst -- >> go ahead, steve. sorry. >> the worst part is not having any communication with them. >> right. >> so, we don't kno where she is, how she is, where she's going, what's her plan. if we could just, you know, talk to her, that would be great. >> well, in that one line, you
7:40 am
know, "i'm okay" -- >> "i'm okay." >> is she the type of perso who would tell you i have an injury or would she not have wanted to worry you in that way? >> i think she would have told us. i think there was so many people there just trying to get one sentence out. that's all we care about. "i'm okay" said it all. we didn't need the rest of it yet. we'll get that in good time and we hope very soon when she gets air-lifted out of haiti and into dominican republic. >> i know your thoughts and our thoughts, as well, are with the students that have not been heard from as well. >> exactly. we understand the anguish. >> yeah, that's right, and -- >> we got the good news and we hope that the rest of the families get the good news that we have. >> and while you're happy she's okay, i'm sure -- you should be very proud of the reason she was there in the first place, and i appreciate you talking to us this morning. >> absolutely. thank you very much. >> okay. well, thank you for having us. >> all right. up next, the latest on the american missionary we told you about on wednesday who was found alive in the rubble. we'll tell you how she's doing
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right after this.
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we are back now at 7:43 on a special edition of "today" as the search for survivors of the magnitude 7 earthquake that has left much of haiti in ruins continues. >> we want to update you now on two stories of survival that we first told you about on wednesday. an american woman who runs an orphanage near port-au-prince and the american missionary pulled safely from the rubble hours after the quake hit. >> they wanted to send the word
7:44 am
that they are okay. >> clay cook says his daughter's rescue was nothing short of a miracle. jillian thorp, pulled from under piles of debris in port-au-prince. >> they couldn't see her face. they could see one hand waving and they were able to talk. and with a little bit more digging, frank, actually, literally lifted her out of the wreckage. >> jillian and her husband, frank, were in haiti working as missionaries. when the earthquake hit, jillian was trapped for ten hours and called the u.s. for help before her cell phone batteries died. her husband, frank, drove eight hours to reach her. he spoke to us wednesday on "today." >> they dug a hole through the concrete ceiling of this house where they were caught, and we went in, and i pulled her out. it was such a relief to get her out. it was an extremely emotional time. >> also on wednesday on "today," we told you the story of the god's littlest angels orphanage. laurie bickel and her mother, dixie, care for more than 100 orpha orphans.
7:45 am
>> all of the children are doing great. nobody was injured here. everyone is fairing well. >> once laurie knew they were safe, she wen out and took these photos of the devastation. >> the amount of damage that is done is absolutely catastrophic. what buildings have not collapsed, you see huge cracks in them. people are just sitting in parks. they're scared to go home or their homes have been destroyed. you get to the playground area and the kids are just playing. they're enjoying today. they were enjoying that moment. and that's how the haitian people are. in the face of all of this, they've been singing and just praising god that they survived and that they are here. and they will get through this. >> dixie bickel told us yesterday that she's worried, obviously, that you know, here she runs an orphanage, and the irony is there are going to be a lot more orphans created because of this catastrophe. >> on the other hand, she speaks
7:46 am
to just the strength of these people, you know, and their religious conviction as well, which is helping them get through this, and they'll need that in the days and weeks ahead. >> and back to jillian thorp, the young american pulled from the rubble aer the quake, she and her husband, frank, who by the way, used to be an intern here at nbc news, have now made their way to the dominican republic. they hope to return home some time today. we'll keep our fingers crossed on that. we're back in a moment.
7:47 am
7:48 am
7:49 am
we are back at 7:49. many americans who have loved ones in haiti are anxiously awaiting word. last july, kendra and brent schlembaker adopted an 8-year-old girl and 6-year-old brother from an orphanage in port-au-prince, but because of problems with paperwork, the children have not yet been able to leave haiti. kendra and brent are here with us now. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> kendra, if i could start with
7:50 am
you, the children that you've adopted from haiti are jenica, who is 8, and her brother, javinski, who is 6. they are not with you at this point because of a delay with paperwork, as i just said. so, what went through your mind when you heard about this earthquake? >> well, fear and very, just a lot of turmoil, not knowing if they were okay. they were so close to the palace that had crumbled that we re very worried about their safety. >> but i understand you realized, given the time the quake actually hit haiti, that they were probably not inside the orphanage, is that right? >> that's what we were hoping for. i was just down there in december, and they're very rigid on their schedules. and so, when the quake hit at 4:30, everybody should have still been outside with all the handicapped children. so, that's what we were praying for. >> brent, the communication with haiti is almost nonexistent, so how did you hear that the kids
7:51 am
were okay? >> we got a phone call from one of our friends from church who got an e-mail from a gentleman that was on a mission trip down there, and he just happened to be staying at the orphanage when the earthquake hit. and some time yesterday, he was able to leave the orphanage and get out to an area where he got cell service, or somehow he got word to somebody in the states and an e-mail went around saying that everybody in the orphanage was okay. >> and was the orphanage, the structure still intact? >> no. what the e-mail said -- it was real general, but it said everybody was okay. they lost a part of the church that's in the compound, and the compound's surrounded by about 12-foot concrete walls. and so, most of the walls had crumbled down. but other than that, everything else was okay. >> kendra, we mentioned that there was a paperwork delay that
7:52 am
was keeping you from bringing the children home. you have officially adopted them. so, what happens next? are you going to head to haiti? >> well, at this time, we'd love to just get on a flight and head down there and see for our self that they're okay, but we're trying to work with the government. the children are legally ours and i have copies of all the paperwork stating that. so, at this time, we're working with congressman rick larson and his aide and hoping that maybe the right people in government will see our paperwork and help us get passports and visas for the kids to get them out of the country, because that's all that we're needing. and that way, we can get them home. >> yeah, you already have two biological children, as well, carson and austin, that are waiting to see their brother and sister. what do these two little children mean to you? >> they're part of our family. they have been for three years. so, we talk about them like they already live with us. they're very much involved in our family. everybody -- we come from a
7:53 am
large family, so everybody talks about them like they already are living here. so, to have them here would just be amazing. and to actually get them out of there -- >> kendra, we're going to have to go. thank you, kendra and brett, so much.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
good morning, it's 7:55 on this january 14, 2010. we have breaking news, still problems out there on 270 because of this fire, a tanker truck hauling gas burst into flames earl this morning and continues to cause problems on the roadways. the driver is okay. let's check in to see how traffic is movg at this hour. >> southbound lanes of 270 are rolling full speed ahead past montrose road. there is a significant backup to report as you travel around the area. no big problems to report on the northbound trip, however we do have some issues to talk about northbound. we did have all northbound lanes of 270 blocked there for a time. it does appear they have now
7:57 am
reopened them. on the inner loop of the beltway has you approach the georgetown road had a broken down vehicle but that has just been cleared. >> your forecast is up next,
7:58 am
good morning, sun's up in a mostly clear sky, we're just
7:59 am
near 20 in the suburbs, washington in the upper 20s. highs reaching the upper 40s with lots of sun, increasing clouds saturday, a cold rain likely for sunday with a high just near 40 degrees. that's the way it looks right now. >> visit our website to find out how you can help the people in haiti. head to and search the word help. there's also a link on the top left side of the page. you'll find a long list of credible national and international agencies taking donations. you can also call the red cross, that's 1-800-red-cross.
8:00 am
8:00 now on this thursday morning, january 14th, 2010. a little warmer than it has been here in manhattan in some time. we may even approach 40 degrees, if you can believe it, today. we're going to step outside to say hello to our friends on the plaza in just a bit. i'm meredith vieira along with matt lauer. and just ahead this half hour, more on the devastation in haiti and the massive humanitarian effort under way to assist the countless victims of tuesday's powerful earthquake. we're going to head to port-au-prince and check in with ann and al in just a moment. also ahead this morning, we're going to talk about a baffling medical mystery. we're going to introduce you to a woman that began experiencing unexplained health problems back at the age of 15.
8:01 am
that eventually caused her jaw to clinch so tight, she couldn't eat solid food. eight years later, the search for answers continues. she is with us to share her story. plus, we all know teenagers love video games. coming up, the 17-year-old tells us how he turned that love into a creative way to lose weight. he lost 150 pounds in a year and a half. all right, but let's begin this thursday morning with the latest out of haiti. ann and al are in port-au-prince. guys, good morning. what else can you tell us? >> good morning once again, matt. well, we want to bring you up to date just a little bit for anybody that didn't hear this morning. there was a lot of clarification that still needs to be had in terms of the number of people who have been killed or injured in this disaster. basically, what we think is, based on what we've heard from one senator, is that the number of deaths could be in the hundreds o thousands. one senator actually put the number at possibly at 500,000, but there are others who have suggested it may be more in the tens of thousands. so, those numbers are still coming in. as you can hear, there's a lot of activity now building on this
8:02 am
runway. you're hearing a plane that has arrived from cuba with -- we've been told that cuba decided to send some 70 doctors. there's a plane hererom cuba. we also saw united nations hard hats. earlier, we reported about the french plane and also the chinese plane here. so, there's a lot of aid now arriving, expected to step up. however, the major problem, matt, is going to be getting this gear, the food, the supplies and these people, out of this airport, because there are road blocks. i mean, the road basically is covered with debris. and also with abandoned cars, people having left them during the earthquake. so, it's a real problem. >> plus, the infrastructure of just getting all this material out. we haven't seen the influx yet of heavy equipment because, of course, people have been doing this by hand, trying to move the rubble and getting people out. but at least the good news is special forces, air force special forces, have taken control of this runway. because yesterday, as we saw, it was just pilots speaking plane to plane trying to get in here.
8:03 am
finally, air force special forces have taken the control of the runway and thereby vectoring flight in here. >> and that means that today is going to be a very, very busy day on this runway, at this airport in port-au-prince. now back to you. >> ann, we have heard of some 40 massive aftershocks after this earthquake. have you felt any of those? >> we all certainly felt a pretty major one yesterday. the bottom line on the aftershocks is that the good news is they have gotten weaker and weaker pretty consistently since the major earthquake, which was a 7. but boy, when you feel it, you can really feel them. >> yeah, we had one this morning at about 3:15, and it was like a heavy truck was driving by, and it lasts for about five seconds, and it was -- you realized, you feel like the ground is almost hollow. so, it's really unsettling. >> that's right. you can hear -- the noise, by the way, is one of these planes taking off. i think we're going to hear a lot of that today.
8:04 am
>> that's right, and then we've got another u.s. cargo plane taking -- an air force cargo plane taking off. so, this is going to be -- this airport is going to really ramp up with activity in the next couple of hours, guys. >> all right. we will be checking back in with you from time to time. we thank you very much for your reports. by the way, to learn more about how you can help the victims of this earthquake, please head to our website, >> and now let's get a check of the rest of the morning's headlines. natalie morales is standing by at the news desk. hey, nat. >> good morning, meredith and matt. and good morning to you. while haitians wait for help to reach them, there is growing concern in the u.s. about the tragedy in that country, and vigils were held last night with candles lit outside haiti's embassy in washington, d.c., and a special service took place at st. patrick's cathedral in new york. president obama has asked former present george w. bush to join former president clinton to work together as joint envoys to help in the haiti disaster relief. officials in northwest pakistan said a u.s. drone fired
8:05 am
two missiles at an insurgent compound today, killing at least 12 militants. it was the eighth such attack in two weeks. overseas markets are mostly higher this morning. cnbc's melissa francis is at the new york stock exchange. melissa, what are you watching there? >> well, we're watching president obama, who's expected to announce a tax on the largest banks today. the goal is to raise $120 billion to cover potential losses from t.a.r.p. loans to auto companies like gm and also aig, so the banks that already paid back the money will be taxed to pay back the money for other companies. also, we're watching a lot of data today -- weekly jobless claims, retail sales and business inventory's also out. natalie, back to you. >> melissa francis at the new york stock exchange, thanks. an arizona mother who won't talk to police about her missing infant has apparently opened up to a woman who policeelieve may be connected to the case. nbc's miguel almaguer reports. >> reporter: in a jailhouse conversation, elizabeth johnson reportedly says her 8-month-old baby, gabriel, is in good hands
8:06 am
with a san antonio couple she met in a texas motel just after christmas. >> she's not concerned at all that this family would hurt the child, that they wanted him so desperately. >> reporter: johnson, who won't talk to police, apparently shared details with tammi smith in a jailhouse visitors meeting. >> she says that they did not give her any money. >> reporter: but smith and her husband, jack, who are persons of interest in the missing child case, have a complicated relationship with johnson. after trying to adopt gabriel themselves, the smiths say johnson decided instead to drive to texas and hand the baby over to the other couple, virtual strangers. police say the smiths are holding back information, but for now, they're among the few people elizabeth will talk to. >> according to elizabeth, these people are going to try to hide this baby. according to her, they are trying to hide this baby because they believe that in a few years, nobody will notice who this baby is. >> reporter: johnson is facing three felonies, including kidnapping.
8:07 am
according to smith, she can't identify the couple and now regrets the decision to give away little gabriel. this as police scour the country looking for the baby. miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. >> it is 8:07 right now. you're up to date, and now let's get another check of the weather. ann and al, as you know, are in port-au-prince, haiti. guys? >> that's right, and it's warming up here preeshably. last night, though, surprisingly cool. >> that's right. we had to bundlep inside our sleeping bags to get warm. by the way, it will be getting hot. >> yes, 89 to 90 degrees the next few days, but no rain, which would complicate very delicate problems, of conscious, course, in the rubble. let's show you what's happening so far. there you can see your pick city of the day. again, all in all, not a bad one. as we look at today, we're expecting plenty of sunshine along the eastern seaboard, heavy rain down in texas. we've got a big storm coming into the pacific northwest, rain in northern california, on into
8:08 am
the pacific northwest, where they may pick up one to two inches of rain. tomorrow that rain down in texas continues, moves east a bit. we are looking for more of a widespread area in the pacific northwest. and again, temperatures -- the good news good morning, it is mostly clear, it's a cold morning, thankfully a calm wind, we're down to the low 20s in montgomery, fairfax and arlington county. the temperatures should soar into the upper 40s with lots of sunshine. on saturday, soun in the mornin, highs reaching the upper 40s. on sunday, rain >> and that's your latest weather. meredith? >> al, thank you. we'll have more from you and ann coming up. but up next, a woman who is a walking medical mystery,
8:09 am
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how about a coastal soup and grilled shrimp salad combination? or maybe our new savory shrimp jambalaya. seafood lunches starting at just $6.99 at red lobster. we're back at 8:12, and this morning we're kicking off a new
8:13 am
series, "today's medical mysteries," medical cases so rare and complex, experts don't even have names for them. dr. nancy snyderman is nbc's chief medical editor. nancy, good morning to you. >> hi, matt. it's tough when patients don't meet the estimates box, so the national institutes of help has a program accepting only the toughest, most unique cases, that in the hopes of diagnosing and treating real-life medical mysteries. it could be a plot for the hit tv show "house." >> dr. house, you have a patient. >> a mysterious growth appears on a young woman's jaw and lungs, triggering years of plain and unexplained health problems. but at the nih's undiagnosed diseases program, it's science, not fiction. here, experts, researchers and technicians team up to solve medical mysteries. >> the patients that we see have been through the mill. they've been through the medical system and haven't been able to get an answer. >> reporter: kelly gladzinski
8:14 am
has spent eight years waiting for an answer. >> every doctor i'v been to has just been puzzled, and it's hard knowing that there's not really a set treatment for what i have. >> reporter: as a teenager, a tiny sore in her mouth grew so big that her jaw clinched shut. that was just the beginning. mysterious lumps in kelly's lungs, fluid on her heart, her kidneys started to break down. kelly's doctors in louisiana kept her alive with steroids and morphine while they puzzled over the clues. >> she was seen by a bloo pulmonologist, cardiologist, infectious disease and hematologist and oncologist. nobody had a diagnosis what disease she had. >> reporter: making her a perfect candidate for the medical detectives at the nih. >> i don't have insurance. we don't have the money that, you know, travel the world to find all the best doctors. so, when i found out that someone was actually interested in finding out, like, what's wrong with me, i was just -- i
8:15 am
was just so happy. >> all set? >> mm-hmm. >> okay. >> reporter: they admit three to four patients per week and pays for everyone. >> diagnosis may be helpful in terms of knowing how to treat that patient sort of over the long term and over the short term. >> reporter: this is kelly's second visit to the nih. her husband and twin sister kimberly are by her side for a battery of tests. there's an mri and an endoscopy, yet no diagnosis. >> i don't think this is the last time you'll get to look at our faces more. >> i like y'all. >> reporter: they removed cells from her jaw for analysis. after one more week, it's time to say good-bye for now. >> you're going to be able to go home without so much pain. that gives us little bit of breathing room, some time to figure out what to do to try to treat this growth. >> reporter: months later, kelly's doctors are still on the case. the detective work continues and a new treatment is prescribed for kelly in hopes that it adds new pieces to the pule. >> it would be nice to have a
8:16 am
diagnosis, but i don't know. there probably won'te one, but just to know there's something that could actually help it would be great. >> since its creation in 2008, the undiagnosed diseases program has diagnosed about 10% of the 140 patients it has admitted. matt, it's a beginning. >> yeah, it really is. nancy, thank you very much. kelly is with us along with her husband chris. nice to have you both here. >> thank you. >> how are you feeling? >> pretty good today. today's a good day. >> still on steroids, morphine, things like that? >> yes. yes. >> you went back to the nih, i think it was last month, and they gave you a drug that's normally used for ruth toid arthritis, lus and malaria. it's early, but are you starting to see some benefits from that drug? >> not so far, but they said it could take a couple weeks, a couple of months to know if it's actually going to do anything. they plan on having me back in march and they're going to do some reimaging and hopefully, find a positive response. >> young lady, you've been through a lot. i just want to go through some
8:17 am
of your symptoms. inflammation in your heart, mysterious criysts in your jaw. you had to plan your wedding to chris from a hospital bed. and still, they can't come up with a name or a diagnosis. how frustrating is that? >> it's very, very frustrating. i mean, people ask me every day, you know, what's wrong with you, what do you have? and i don't have an answer. i tell them, well, it's undiagnosed. and they, "well, what do they call it?" and i'm like, i don't know. they don't have anything to call it. >> and nancy, we assume -- medicine has come so far. we just assume they could figure anything out. "house," that show we talk about, thefigure it out by the end of the episode, and here you can't figure it out. >> no, look, not everything fits into a neat package, and that's what's frustrating for a patient and just as frustrating for physicians. but sometimes mother nature has sort of a different plan and things, constellation of symptoms don't fall into one package, which is why they have 25 doctors, they have the resources of people around the
8:18 am
globe. there will be someone else out there like this and they'll start to put the pieces together. >> they started experimental treatment with kelly. >> right. >> and yet, they still don't have a diagnosis. so, is the diagnosis even all that important? >> well, it is, because you want to say i've seen this before and you want to start linking cases around the world. but when a patient has real symptoms, sometimes doctors are better off to treat the symptoms and wait for the diagnosis to come secondarily. it's frustrating for everybody. >> chris, watching your wife go through this, you must want some sort of definitive answers. >> yeah. >> and they aren't coming. >> no. >> and he married her knowing she had already been diagnosed of something. >> right. >> there aren't a lot of guys who would do that. >> and what stuck out to me here, kelly, is your twin city, kimberly, has none of these same -- >> none of it. >> none of it at all, and she's been tested. >> perfectly healthy, mm-hmm. >> you said you're going back to nih in march? >> yes. >> did they tell you what to expect? >> like i said, they're just going to re-image. they did a lot of kind of before imaging -- >> right, comparisons?
8:19 am
>> so they're going to compare it to my previous scans and hopefully find a positive response. >> real quickly, i know they kind of forced your jaw open. are you abl to eat solid foods now? >> i shove whatever i can fit in. i can only open this wide. it's been that way for months. so, just -- >> we hope everything works out. kelly, thanks. >> thank you. >> chris, thank you. >> we'll stay on this as they continue to unravel the mystery. >> progress reports. nancy, thanks. tomorrow, a woman who came down with a sudden illness that caused her to lose her mind for a month. up next, the latest on conan o'brien, jay leno and the late-night shake-up in the works at nbc. there we go. ( phone rings, laughter ) ♪ ( phone rings ) victory starts now. with the special k challenge, you can lose up to 6 pounds... in 2 weeks. now with so many delicious ways to be victorious. lose up to 6 pounds in 2 weeks. join us at
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8:23 am
back at 8:22. conan o'brien has joked about the pending late-night shuffle here at nbc, but last night he really took the gloves off. nbc's lee cowan has the story. >> conan o'brien! >> reporter: for the moment, nbc executives are at the mercy of the comedian that they helped create. >> this according to a "tv guide" poll, 83% of voters -- 83% want me to stay at 11:35. [ cheers and applause ] and here's the interesting part. here's the interesting part. when he heard this poll number, president obama asked, how can i get nbc to screw me over? that's why -- >> reporter: if his performance last night was any indication, nbc brass are in for a bruising couple of weeks. >> last night, the new season of "american idol" started on the
8:24 am
fox network, and it was watched by an audience of 30 million people, yeah. yeah, when they heard that, nbc executives said, that's not true. there's no such thing as an audience of 30 million people. crazy. it can't be! >> reporter: his late-night audience is tuning in to watch the fun, giving conan and nbc some of their best numbers in weeks. >> you're having a good time sticking it to nbc, aren't you? >> reporter: nothing, it seems, is off limits, not even nbc's coverage of the winter olympics. conan had a few suggestions. >> replace the flags on the giant slalom course with breached nbc contracts. reserve the right to cancel ski jumps mid-jump. move the bronze up to gold's place, silver stays where it is and add a new medal for fourth place called the nbc. >> reporter: but the zinger of the night was reserved not for nbc, but for the man he was supposed to replace.
8:25 am
>> hosting "the tonight show" has been the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for me, and i just want to say to the kids out there watching, you can do anything you want in life, yeah, yeah, unless jay leno wants to do it, too. >> reporter: that one landed hard. for his part, though, jay leno was a bit more tame about his impending departure. >> and conan said nbc had only given him seven months to make the show work. when i heard that. seven months? how did he get that deal? we only got four, geez! >> rorter: b viewers seemed to view conan as the underdog in this fight. how long can he keep it up? >> and here's a fun fact -- nbc's spent more time building this studio than using it. >> reporter: he's betting the jokes will last longer than nbc's sense of humor holds out. for "today," lee cowan, nbc news, los angeles. >> what do you want to say? you go first. >> no, i have bills to pay.
8:26 am
>> you know what's sad? they're all great guys. they really are. jay's great and conan's great, you're great. 8:26 is our time right now, 28 degrees, good morning, i'm joe krebs and in the news4 today, we have been following severaleveloping stories on the roadway. we still have problems on i-270 because of a tanker truck fire that burst into flames at 5:00 this morning. the driver is okay, montrose road is shut down all lanes of 270 are back open, but if you do drive through that area, be ready for some delays. we also have an accident on the beltway that's causing some
8:27 am
8:28 am
good morning, clear, cold and calm as we start off this thursday morning, temperatures in the 20s, highs today will soar into the upper 40s with lots of sun and a bit warmer on friday. >> as a result of the earlier accident, 270 southbound very slow, we had an accident on the outer loop at american legion, that's been cleared, but it's slow back to connecticut. >> find out how you can help the people devastated by the
8:29 am
earthquake in haiti, call the red cross at 1-800-re
8:30 am
♪ we're back now, 8:30 on a thursday morning. it's the 14th day of january 2010. we've got a nice group of people out on the plaza this morning, and we haven't had a chance to come out and say hi to them because of the news of the day, that obviously, the tragic news out of haiti, but we decided to come out and say hi at this moment. folks, how are you doing? good to have you here.
8:31 am
out on the plaza -- >> did you notice this sign, "my sister made me come"? >> it's terrible, isn't it? >> yeah. >> my sister made me come to work this morning. out on the plaza, i'm matt lauer along with meredith vieira and natalie morales. what's coming up this half hour? by the way, happy birthday! lenny, do you know what birthday it is today? no. is it your birthday today? >> 27. >> and this guy turns 65. no, on this day 58 years ago, the "today" show was born. >> oh. >> that's right. so happy birthday to all of us. >> 58 years? >> what were you going to say? >> wow. finally something older than me on this show. i'm relieved. >> sometimes i feel like it's the first day. also ahead, we'll introduce you to a teenager who used to weigh close to 300 pounds until he found a way to use his love of video games to come up with a creative way to lose weight, and he is here to reveal his remarkable new look in just a moment.
8:32 am
>> wow. amazing. >> do you know what a piard is? >> yes. >> is it a sword, you fall on -- no? >> a very thinly sliced pounded chicken? >> what is it? >> thinly pounded chicken or veal -- >> slice of meat of some kind. marthatewart knows what it is. >> there she is with the hammer. >> she's got the pounder out, so watch out. she's going to help us make it. you can make dinner in a flash. >> hang onto that pounder. we've seen you in action before. >> exactly. plus, pop sensation leona lewis is here to perform that golden globe nominated song from "avatar," betiful, "i see yo" she's going to be performing it live for us in a little bit. >> before we go any further, al roker has a check of the weather. he's down in port-au-prince, haiti this morning. good morning. good morning, guys. you're looking at a u.s. air force c-17 that just landed. we're not sure what's on it. brian williams went down to investigate to see exactly what this has on board.
8:33 am
so, obviously, there's personnel and medical supplies and probably supplies as well, but we'll get more on that in just a little bit. let's check your weather as far as the week ahead is concerned. again, the good news is temperatures much more temper e temperate, more normal throughout the country. we are looking at wet weather as we head into the weekend on the west coast. down in the gulf coast we've got some wet weather on saturday. sunday, as you take a look, you'll see, again, a changeable situation. east coast loast l good morning, bright sunshine with a calm wind, we're in the mid and upper 20s now. we should quickly hit the 30s by noontime and then into the afternoon. then tomorrow partly cloudy e afternoon highs near 50. saturday, sunny in the morning with clouds developing and highs in the upper 40s and cloudy saturday night. sunday rain moving from south to north through the region, a cold rain at that, highs near 40.
8:34 am
and on dr. king day on monday, we'll have some s and that's your latest weather. now let's head down to ft. myers, florida, and say hello to uncle willie. hey, willie. >> a good morning to you. what a fantastic job you all are doing. what a disaster, what a tragedy. i talked to the folks at jm smucker company and they're a wonderful family of employees, send their love and prayers to all the people down in haiti and everybody connected. what a -- i couldn't believe, you see television, the pictures, just horrible. god bless them. let's check some birthdays, some signs of positive note here, good life. olivia -- i love that name -- stens, marlborough, connecticut, 101 years old. loves animals. she adopts dogs and cats. i knew a lady who had 42 dogs at one time. remember that?
8:35 am
anyway, happy birthday. she loves the phillies, by the way. living in connecticut? i don't know. and joseph gulotta, brick, new jersey. iri mcdermott who used to do the birthdays at nbc sent this in. retired postal worker. attributes longevity to a healthy lifestyle and never smoking and drinking. remember that. okay. and then we have gertrude geismar of ballwin, missouri. and swam in the senior olympics until her late 80s. happy birthday to you. hey, the sun's up, florida nshine. right in my eyeball. ruth pelland of dothan, alabama, turns 100 years old today. drives two hours a week to see her family. still handles that vehicle. and bud goakes of vista, california, 100 years old. retired tailor. secret to longevity is having three martinis every night and making lots of love.
8:36 am
woo! after three martinis? i don't think i could handle that. and bernard and edith wilkinson of colonialheights, virginia, next to richmond, 75 years. he's 96, she's 95 and she says unconditional love, that's the secret. that's all. now back to new york and here's meredith. >> willard, thank you very much. up next, martha stewart explains what the heck a piard is how it can make your life in the kitchen a lot easier.
8:37 am
8:38 am
>> announcer: "martha on today" is brought you by macy's. the martha stewart collection is now available only at macy's and on >> this morning on "martha on today," preparing paillards. martha, will you stop flipping that? i'm talking. >> oh. >> the term may sound extravagant, but it's a reliable technique that can help you get dinner on the table in a flash.
8:39 am
martha stewart is here to tell you how easy it is with recipes from the january issue of "martha stewart living." hey, martha, good morning. >> there are great recipes in this issue, and the paillards i think are really, really good. >> paillard refers to a cut or a -- >> a very thinly, a very thinly prepared slice of meat. it can be pork, it can be chicken, it can be veal, it can be lamb. you can do turkey. turkey paillard is delicious, and it's very dietetic, actually. >> do you buy them like that? >> i'm cutting this beautiful pork tenderloin, no fat on a bias cut like this. and then -- >> that's kind of a tiny little piece, but -- >> but look what happens when you pound it in betwe some plastic wrap. that helps a lot. >> okay. >> now, you can do the pounding. this was for meredith. i thought meredith was coming. this was for her. >> i'll use this one. >> use the flat side. >> how thin do we want to make it? >> that's the same size. i pounded it there and i'm
8:40 am
putting this into the pan. it should cook in, oh, three or four minutes. >> so this is one of the major -- >> a little more elbow grease there. >> one of the major advantages is this is all going to cook up quick. >> yes. it cooks beautifully. and thais to me a beautifully cooked piece of pork. >> okay. you had grape seed oil in there. >> yeah. something with a high burning point, because you don't want a lot of smoke, you don't want a lot of burning. you want to do it quickly. really, look, as we're talking, it's cooking. you can put this on the plate. >> okay. >> and in the pan -- this is the same kind of pan -- >> i'm going to turn this down, do you mind? >> no. >> and we're going to blaze it a bit. >> ooh, look at this. a little bit of white wine. you want to cook up the little bit of foam in the bottom of the pan, a little bit of chicken stock. >> okay. >> and stir that up. this is the sauce. all paillards taste better with a little bit of sauce on them. >> what is that over there? >> so, that's just a tiny bit of sour cream. you don't use all of that.
8:41 am
you just use a little bit. >> adds richness to the sauce? >> bring that to a boil. yep. now, see, these are already done. and you know, pork is beautiful. how many pieces do you want? >> i'll have one by myself. >> okay. >> and i'm sure the gang will be in here in a few minutes anyway. >> see how pretty that is? and this can just boil away a little bit, reduce it a bit. >> reduce it and add paprika? >> aittle bit of paprika and a little bit of sour cream. oh, i love the smell. it smells really good. and there's the sour cream. >> this is the type of a sauce you would make for the pork. >> yes. >> would you make a much different -- we'll get to them in a second, but you'd make a different sauce with chicken or veal? >> well, i like chicken with just a little bit of a lemony sauce on it, little bit of stock and lemon juice and a little enrichment of butter at the last minute. >> is this supposed to be cooking that enthusiastically? >> sure. >> that doesn't matter? >> nothing's happening to it except it's reducing. what i would want to do is reduce that sauce. >> for how long would that take? >> oh, two or three minutes.
8:42 am
i'm just turning it -- oh, had it up to 20. now, we have veal here, and the veal has mustard sauce with mushrooms and sherry and just reduced the same way. and we have chicken paillard with lemon butter sauce and some shallots cooked. now, doesn't that look good? >> it looks really good, fantastic. let's try this for a second. i'm trying to see if i can get a -- >> let me get you a little bit of the sauce on here. >> okay. i have no place to do it -- >> right here. put it right here. we don't want you turning your back to the camera. >> and you can get these recipes right in the january issue? >> issue, right. now, i think -- you can cut these paillards yourself, as i showed you. it's so easy to do. what do you think? tasty, huh? >> it's really good. it is really good. can you help me out, though? can you read what's coming up next? >> okay. while he has his mouth filled. what this teenager and his love of video games can teach you about losing weight, up next on the "today" show.
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♪ take it off >> announcer: "take it off today" is brought to you by truvia natural sweetener. honestly sweet. this morning on "take it off today," a teenage weight loss success story. at 14, taylor lebaron weighed nearly 300 pounds, but thanks to his love of video games and a keen imagination, taylor came up with a way to track calories and work out that helped him shed half of his body weight. now 17, taylor has chronicled his journey in the new book "cutting myself in half: 150 pounds lost one byte at a time." taylor lebaron, good morning to you. >> good morning. i'm great, how are you? >> it's a great work and it chronicles your struggle with weight and your ability to lose it. you were a big baby. nine pounds, at least. >> yes, yes. >> and an overweight kid and an
8:46 am
obese teenager. you write in the book the struggles you had emotionally and physically. because kids can be cruel to kids who have weight issues. is there one story in particular or one moment that stands out in your mind? >> there is. as a matter of fact, when i was in the sixth grade, i dropped a book in literature class. when bent over to pick it up, one of my classmates pointed at me and said, "look, taylor has a double chin," and i just wanted to disappear. i mean, i still feel what i felt that day. >> you still, even after having lost the weight. >> i can still feel the just embarrassment of that moment and that stuck with me, almost six years later and i still remember that moment. >> what was it, taylor, what happened at the age of 14 that made you decide i can't live this way anymore? >> i stepped on a scale one day and the numbers flew up to 297 pounds. >> so, you had no idea you were that heavy? >> i had no idea. i was expecting something like 230, but 297 at 14 years old,
8:47 am
and that was just incredible, and i knew i had to do something. it was a struggle for me t walk to my mailbox and back, and with the two of those things, i realized, you've got to do something. >> and you came up with such a novel idea and a great one. you loved video games, so you thought, how can i incorporate that love into a weight program? and you did it. you created something called "the ultimate fitness game," and it works sort of like a video game. >> exactly. it has the se aspects of a video game. in my book, i explain it in greater detail how to play it. >> can you explain simply how it works? >> well, you have enies, you have allies and you have things -- money for me, and you need to be able to play smart. otherwise, you'll run out of your score. your score needs to stay high at the end of the day, and if you don't play smart, then you wind up having a low score or running out of money. >> and the money is really the calories. >> exactly, the caloric intake would be the money, but it makes
8:48 am
it easier to keep track of and more fun and engaging when you can think of it in terms of physical objects, tangible. >> you also made a decision that it was important to set reasonable goals rathen set yourself up for failure, which is often what happens with diets. >> exactly. a diet is a temporary fix. you want to be able to change your lifestyle. and when it comes to losing weight, if you say one day i want to lose 100 pounds in the next three months, well, that's not going to happen. you have to set it in bite-sized goals that are achievable, such as i'm going to lose five pounds this month. that is something that's slow, steady and achievable. and when you can achieve that, then you feel great. you've met a goal. >> and in the ten seconds we have left, advice you would give to kids who mightant to lose weight but are nervous about it and afraid of all the obstacles in front of them? >> i think you guys should not be afraid at all. you can do it because everybody has their own individuality and their own spark, and even though you might not be able to see it
8:49 am
underneath the weight, you've got it. >> and i also have to mention that you will be one of those carrying the olympic torch in vancouver, in canada. so, congratulations to you. >> thank you. >> heading off very soon. >> thank you. >> you look fantastic. >> thank you very much. >> the book is "cutting myself in boss: hey, those gecko ringtones you put on our website are wonderful. people love 'em! gecko: yeah, thank you sir. turned out nice. boss: got another one foyou. anncr: at, it's easy to get a free rate quote, manage your policy, make payments or even file a claim! boss: now that's a ringtone. gecko: uh's interesting.... certainly not the worst ringtone i've ever heard... ♪ ringtone lyrics: a-ringedy- ding-ding-dingy-dong ringedy-dong-ding-ding... ♪ gecko (to himself): yeah, that might be the worst. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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>> announcer: "the toyota concert series on today" brought to you by toyota. toyota, moving forward. and this morning on our "countdown to the golden globes," music. leona lewis is the singer of the title track of "avatar." its one of the nominees also for best song in a motion picture. leon leona, good morning, congratulations. this is very exciting. how did you become involved in "avatar"? >> i was asked by the writers of the song to put my vocals on it, and then they played it for james cameron and they wanted to use it for the film. >> it's nice. >> very nice. another one of your songs, "happy," off your album "echo" is on the trailer for "precious," which is also up for a golden globe. so this is a very exciting time for you. >> yes. it's amazing. i was actually influenced by the film as i was writing the album, so to go on and have the soundtrack is amazing for me.
8:52 am
>> are you going to go to the awards on sunday night? >> yeah, i'm really looking forward to it. >> congratulations and good luck to you. ladies and gentlemen, leona lewis. >> thank you. ♪ ♪ walking through a dream, i see you, my light in darkness breathing hope of new life ♪ ♪ now i live through you and you through me enchanted, i pray in my heart that this dream never ends ♪ ♪ i see me through your eyes, living through life flying high ♪
8:53 am
♪ your life shines a way into paradise, so i offer my life as a sacrifice ♪ ♪ i live through your love ♪ you teach me how to see all that's beautiful, my senses touch your world i never pictured ♪ ♪ now i give my hope to you, i surrender ♪ ♪ i pray in my heart that this world never ends ♪ ♪ i see me through your eyes, living through life flying
8:54 am
high ♪ ♪ your love shines the way into paradise, so i offer my life, i offer my love for you ♪ ♪ when my heart was never open and my spirit never free to the world you have shown me ♪ ♪ but my eyes could not division all the colors of love and of life ever more, ever more ♪ ♪ i see me through your eyes, i see me through your eyes ♪ ♪ living through life flying
8:55 am
high, flying high ♪ ♪ your love shines the way into paradise, so i offer my life as a sacrifice ♪ ♪ i live through your love, live through your life, i see you ♪ ♪ [ applause ] >> leona lewis, thank you very much. we'll see if that song takes home a statue. be sure to watch the golden globes live on sunday night at 8:00/7:00 central right here on nbc. much more ahead on a thursday morning after your local news and weather.
8:56 am
our time is 8:56, relief workers from our area are on their way to haiti this morning to help after that devastating earthquake. the disaster response team will lead initial damage assessments upon arriving in haiti. if you would like to call the red cross, call 1-800-red-cross. we're having problems on i-270 because of a tanker truck that burst into flames around 5:00 this morning. this happened on montrose road. the driver is okay, but montrose road remains shut
8:57 am
8:58 am
temperatures will be getting over freezing in the next hour and then soar into the 40s with lots of sunshine and a calm wind. highs tomorrow reaching near 50. still looking like a cold rain for sunday that may linger into sunday night. how's the traffic?
8:59 am
>> although lanes are open in 270 south and northbound, we still have volume problems. this is past falls road continuing towards montrose. we also have problems on the capitol belt way. there's been a problem on american legion, but it's still slow entering virginia. >> find out how you can help those people devastated by territory quake in haiti.
9:00 am
9:01 am
9:02 am
>> they're bringing people like anna morrison. >> that's right, anna. you're a con sorm of hospitals in south florida. >> we're part of project medishare for haiti, under the directorship of dr. barth green and dr. vincent dejairo. it's a couple hospitals working with the university of miami, jackson. i'm from holy cross. there's a bunch of us. they brought in ten total doctors, nurses, surgeons, kind of assess, triage, treat -- >> was it hard to raise the funds to make this possible? >> no, no, people want to sgiv. >> outpouring. what is your mission? what are you doing? >> right now, we're here for 20 hours. we've come, we're not going to spend the night. we're here to assess, triage. we've brought supplies. holy cross donated supplies at a moment's notice and we're here to do whatever we can. >> we don't want to hold you -- >> we'll be sending daily
9:03 am
flights down, so -- >> terrific. thank you so much. >> appreciate it, guys. thank you. >> that's really the story from here. there are just tons of people coming in and people like anna morrison who are heading into the job of trying to help the people who could not -- they need more than can possibly could arrive. >> all right, ann and al, thanks very much. we're going to check back in with you in a couple of minutes, but first, let's get a check of the rest of the morning's top stories. natalie has the headlines. >> that's right. meanwhile, the u.s. is promising an all-out relief effort for haiti and is sending in even more help. and last night across the u.s., vigils were held to remember the thousands of earthquake victims. one of the biggest was in miami, where there is a large haitian community. other vigils were also held in new york city and washington, d.c. meanwhile, president obama met last night with top advisers about the devastation in haiti and how best to get help there as quickly as possible. secretary of state hillary clinton spoke, meanwhile, with meredith earlier on "today." >> this is going to be a long-term effort. we have the immediate crisis of trying to save those lives that
9:04 am
can be saved, to deal with the injured and the dead, to try to provide food, water, medical supplies, some semblance of shelter, and then to work with our haitian partners, the government of haiti, ngos, others, to begin the rebuilding process. >> u.s. officials call the situation in haiti a devastating catastrophe. suspected u.s. missile strikes today in pakistan killed at least 12 alleged militants in a compound that was once a religious school. it was the eighth such strike in two weeks. on wednesday, officials in pakistan complained to the u.s. that missile strikes could endanger relations between the two countries. the pentag releases its report today on the november shootings at ft. hood, texas. officials said it concludes the military must devote more resources to identifying members who pose a risk to their colleagues. an army psychiatrist is accused of killing 13 people and wounding 30. president obama has weighed into the tiger woods
9:05 am
controversy, telling "people" magazine he believes anybody can look within themselves, find their flaws and fix them. he suspects woods will try to put his life back together again. and a new study finds chronic sleep loss cannot be cured by simply sleeping late on weekends. it found reaction times worsened for people suffering from long-term sleep deprivation leading to car crashes and other accidents. researchers say adults need seven to nine hours of sleep a day for good health, and getting too little may lead to health problems le memory impairment and also weakened immune system. you're up to date right now at five minutes past the hour. matt and tamron, we all are a little sleep-deprived around here. >> so my plan to go to sleep tomorrow and not walk up until sunday afternoon -- >> not going to cut it. >> right now let's get a check of the weather. al's in haiti. al? >> hey, here with ann. in the last hour, this airport is alive with activity. these planes have come in in the last 20 minutes. there's another one that just
9:06 am
nded. two more are waiting on the runway, another one just coming in, so, the u.s. air force special services taking over running this runway. they're really getting these planes in and out very quickly. let's check your weather, see what's going on. big story is down in texas, where there is a lot of rain, and it's going to fall in a short period of time. flood watches and warnings up throughout much of southern texas. on the radar you can see the heavy rain now working its way through. over the next 24 hours to 36 hours, we're looking at two to five inches of rain. that texas rainstorm is heading our way, should beñi arriving on sunday, until then it's going to be warmer with dry weather continuing. the temperatures are in the upper 20s to 30 degrees. it will quickly climb into the 40s in the afternoon and hold into the upper 40s by mid afternoon. bottoming out in the midçó 20s dawn on friday.ñi increasing clouds on saturday,
9:07 am
could get that cold rain sunday with highs near 40. another jetliner now circling the airport. temperature today will get up to about 89, 90 degrees, but the good news is no rain, we've got a good breeze. so, it's tolerable, ann. but that's about the only good news right now besides this air-lift. >> in fact, the air-lift really is the story because today the world is answering haiti's call for help. this morning we've seen cargo planes and other kinds of planes from the u.s., france, cuba and china, and they're bringing in, as al is talking about, medical supplies, they're bringing in food, they're bringing in search-and-rescue teams. the question is, however, will it be enough and will it be in time? >> reporter: it is a country in chaos. while the widespread damage is still being assessed, authorities are struggling to reach people who are still trapped in the rubble.
9:08 am
entire neighborhoods across port-au-prince have been devastated, as survivors with no place to call home gather outside and wait for supplies. this satellite image from google shows the before and after of one area of the capital city where few structures remain standing. meanwhile, at the airport, crowds of victims have gathered in hopes of being evacuated. pickup trucks have been used as ambulances to carry the injured. >> i had only a little space to breathe. >> reporter: this woman says she was pinned in the wreckage for more than 12 hours. when you saw your husband and others dig you out, what was ur reaction then? >> i started crying, yeah. i started crying. >> reporter: mobile medical units treated the wounded on the spot. >> i realize after the earth was shaking. >> reporter: this is the first look at the moment when one of
9:09 am
an estimated 30 tremors ripped this impoverished country apart. posted to youtube, it shows a cloud of smoke that witnesses say swallowed the city. 2 million people were within ten miles of the epicenter when the 7.0 quake struck. many images, some too graphic for our report, tell a story of those who were unable to escape. one of the first confirmed victims was the catholic archbishop of haiti, who was killed when the cathedral collapsed. ♪ i'm gonna let it shine >> reporter: today, as the world watches, haiti's family and friends are waiting to find out information about loved ones. through the night, our nbc news team received pictures and e-mails like this one -- "help me reach out to my father, jean thadal, in port-au-prince. i can't get through to him and he's 83 years old, partially blind and very weak." >> i have directed my administration to respond with a swift, coordinated and aggressive effort to save lives. >> reporter: early on wednesday,
9:10 am
president obama pledged the full support of the united states. >> haitians are our neighbors in the americas and here at home, so we have to be there for them in their hour of need. >> reporter: the "uss carl vincent" will act as a base at sea to provide a communications center and supplies like fresh water. and many have taken to the internet to show support. less than 24 hours after the quake, a text message campaign has raised more than $1 million for the red cross. and now we see a plane from belgium, so, as you can see, planes are coming in from all over the world. we've got, actually, brian williams now joining us. you just did some reconnaissance. what did you find? >> i'm happy to tell the people of los angeles that l.a. county fire rescue just arrived, 6 dogs 73 men and women. they're waiting for their assignment, but they're here with their equipment. belgian air force plane is empty. and we just learned of a story about 15 minutes from here, a hospital that's pretty much been cracked in two. 200 american students are mostly
9:11 am
okay, but they're there. this is coming in every second now, and it's going to continue. >> that's right, and the real issue is going to be how we get this material, these supplies out to the people because the roads are blocked. >> we haven't heard yet what's going to be the coordinating force to get all -- we've got these forces of mass in here at the airport. they have to get out. we haven't seen heavy equipment come in yet, because they're going to need that because the roads are blocked, trying to move massive parts of concrete. so, i mean, it really is a logistical problem. >> nightmare. it really is. >> and i've got a priest here who is actually looking for an aircraft. he needs to get a body off the island, one of the fatalities. so, that's the kind of thing happening here. >> that's the story here, natalie and tamron. i mean, it's a pretty difficult story to tell, but it's a fact of what's happening here. >> yeah, and speaking to that about, you know, getting that much-needed aid out there, how far is the airport from just that complete devastation we see downtown in port-au-prince? >> not far, actually.
9:12 am
the u.s. embassy is considered nearby. the problem is, a drive that can take five to ten minutes might take you an hour because there are not only -- there's debris on the road, but also cars, abandoned cars that were left when the earthquake hit. so, it's a real problem. i mean, this is going to be, i think -- it seems to be one of the major priorities today. now that this airport has been freed up, because it's now got air traffic controllers, essentially, because the u.s. air force is here on the ground making sure that happens, another priority today has got to be figuring out the logistical problem. >> i'm told the u.s. air force c-17s, the big planes are going to start arriving in a chain now. we just saw the first one arrive, but the skies are going to be full. >> well, brian, ann and al, of course, we expect to see much more of your coverage throughout the day on msnbc as well as on "nightly news" tonight. brian will be reporting there from haiti, as you see. again, if you want more information on the crisis in again, if you want more information on the crisis in haiti and you want to know how again, if you want more infoso. how were your holidays? haiti and you want to know how great!... eating, from thanksgiving to new year's. lots of mom's rich food.
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back now with "today's health" and a new kind of stress called super stress fueled by a hectic lifestyle. you don't get enough sleep, you're aays on your cell phone, your blackberry, you need loads of sugar and caffeine just to keep up with it all. sound familiar? dr. roberta lee is the author of "the superstress solution" along with two women who took her advice. good to have you all here. dr. lee, you talk about superstress and this deals with solutions. a lot of us have stress in our everyday life. how do you define superstress? >> we all know what stress is -- you sense danger, your adrenal
9:17 am
glands start secreting and get ready for fight or flight. superstress is loads and loads of toxic stress and a hectic lifestyle which makes it so the stress reresponse is being triggered over and over throughout the day. >> so we all deal with the psychological impact of that stress, but what's the physiological impact of superstress? >> well, the body gets saturated and can't access calm without reaching for all these things you just talked about. but about half of the people that walk into my medical office get physical symptoms like brain fog energy they've lost, they're chronically fatigue and and can't recover. they go to their doctors, nothing's wrong. they lose their sex drive. they may have hot flashes. their blood pressure might be worse. they might be gaining weight and they can't figure out why it is. in other words, they just can't cope any longer. >> that's right. and let's turn to elise and rosa. dr. lee, i know, advised both of you nearly a year ago when you came on our show back in march. let's take a look at you back then.
9:18 am
>> i'm trying to do a hundred different things during the day, trying to cram in as much as i can and i guess that raises the stress level. heart attack, stroke. god knows i don't want to have any of those. this little dot you stick here, take it off and you put it on my hand, and it's blue, which means i'm alert. but as i get more relaxed, hopefully, it will turn a nice violet or black. >> i don't cook. i have a wonderful husband who happens to be a wonderful cook, and so, he does all the cooking and has been doing all the cooking since we married. so, that is kind of like a problem, because he cooks with love and not necessarily healthy. i just want to lose weight. i want to lose it in a healthy way. i want to lose it in a way that's beneficial to my dy. >> and elise, in fact, has done that. rosa here, as well. now, elise, you initially lost 18 pounds in the first month, but then you went on to lose 32 more pounds. >> yes. >> how did you go about doing
9:19 am
that, then? >> well, i went to weight watchers and i followed their program. i also exercise on a regular bas basis and i do a self check to see how i'm feeling at any given time. i had a lot of stressors this particular last year -- >> your husband was diagnosed with cancer in the last year. he's doing fine now, i understand. >> yes. >> he is. >> good news. >> and i was able to use the techniques in the book to try to center myself and try to figure out, actually, if i was hungry or whether i was just a little stressed. >> so, food wasn't the crutch anymore. >> no. i use exercise a breathing techniques, and you know, other little pointers that were in the book to help me through rough situations. >> and rosa, your situation there -- we saw you're an exercise fanatic, but you were dealing with hypertension. >> right. >> how did you cope with your stress? >> still exercising, maybe not as extensively as i was, but i
9:20 am
find that's a big stress reducer. and still trying to take me time, using imagery, visu visualization, just stepping back and just kind of getting out of the moment and trying to regroup and recenter and then getting back to what it is i have to do. >> and you were using those little bio dots. >> still do, as a matter of fact. >> you still do? >> as a matter of fact, i just got a replenishment from dr. lee this morning. >> i have one. >> it's turning black. what does that mean? >> actually, it's very cold in the studio -- >> okay, it's cold. >> we just stuck it on and i'm going to warm up. >> you're not superstressed, are you? >> no, i'm not. >> dr. lee, let's get people some helpful advice that they can use at home to modify the stress in their life. and first thing you say is to make the dinner table an electronic device-free zone. get rid of the blackberrys, put away all those things that make our lives so chaotic, right? >> absolutely. have new rules for living in the 21st century. be present, enjoy your loved ones, enjoy your friends. the next thing think about is
9:21 am
sleep. you don't need to worry about how much, but get enough to feel refreshed. you know, this is accessible to us. and the breath exercise. you know, it's free, it's available, has no side effects. the 4/5 breath, which is breathing in to a count of four, exhaling to a count of five. we did it before, right? four of those breaths twice a day actually changes the whole outlook of how your body feels and the chemistry. >> or even during very stressful moments. if you're standing in line at the grocery store or at the airport, just taking that deep, cleansing breath will help you through the situation. you're all doing well, then? >> yes. >> yes, we are, absolute lay. >> keep up with it. >> yes. >> thank you so much for bringing it to us. >> thank you. >> dr. roberta lee. the book is "the superstress solution." thank you, ladies. >> thank you. still to come, if you're stressed out because of all the clutter in your closet, we have bobbie thomas here with creative solutions for organizing your accessories.
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9:25 am
coming up, an instant face-lift without any surgery. plus, a quick and easy recipe for pasta soup. .
9:26 am
9:26 is your time now, 29 degrees, the last few days -- or 28 degrees i should say. the last few days of this cold weather cause we're in for a warmup. good morning, everyone, it is thursday january 14, 2010. and in the news this morning, traffic is starting to get back to normal at this hour in rockville, hours after a tanker truck hauling gasoline burst into flames. this happened on montrose lane. the driver is okay, but montrose road is still shut down. gilbert arenas could be in court today on gun charges with the wizards star working on a plea deal. arenas's attorneys are negotiating a possible deal are prosecutors.
9:27 am
the deal would ensure that arenas does not serve any jail time. the jury has been hearing testimony for at least a week. if the plea deal falls through and the jury charges him, glork,
9:28 am
temperatures climbing into the 40s, upper 40s saturday, then it looks like a cold rain likely on sunday. how's the traffic? >> still very heavy, heading south on 207 from shady grove past the incident on montrose road continuing past the beltway. all lanes are reopened on 270.
9:29 am
>> visit our website to find out how you can help the people devastated by that earth
9:30 am
what you doin'? >> i don't know. what are you doing? >> send us all to jesus. i'm going to die. >> want to die comfortable. >> what's the best way? >> "hurt locker," a film nominated for three golden globes, including best picture and be director, also getting a lot of oscar buzz. as you know, the golden globes will be handed out on sunday here on nbc. we're talking, i saw this movie. it's unbelievable. it stays with you. >> it is everything the good
9:31 am
reviews say about t i can't believe i remembered the line. it's the kind of movie that sticks with you. >> and the reality of it and you know that this is what's going on in iraq, day in and day out. look forward to hearing from jerry rener. i'm natalie morales, along with tamron hall. al is in haiti this morning. also coming up, no need to wait for spring to start your cleaning. if you're like many women and your jewelry is spread out on the dresser, belts rolled up in a drawer, bobbie thomas will help you get your accessories back in order again. >> then it's all about the bobbi's apparently, today. the queen of makeup, bobbi brown is here today, concealer and foundation will help take years off your life, an instant make-up face lift. >> very good. we could all use a little bit of that. later on in "today's"
9:32 am
kitchen, quick and satisfying pasta and bean soup that will taste like you spent all day in the kitchen, but you haven't. and perfect for, of course, these co weather months. first, we'll check in with al roker inport-au-prince, haiti. morning, al. >> reporter: morning. ann just left. there's a story that's developing, a hospital about 15 minutes from here literally split in two, 200 american students are there. we don't know their situation. so, we're on our way -- ann is on her way there right now. we'll bring you those developments over the day. of course, on nbc nightly news with brian williams. let's check your weather. as far as the weekend is concerned, again, that big system down in the gulf. that will be a real mess there. more rain spreading saturday into the pacific northwest. and then as we move on into sunday, the system makes its way up the eastern seaboard. little messy on sunday and out west again, still not the most perfect weather, but again the good news is temperatures have started to moderate.
9:33 am
so, we can all be thankfhankf good morning, temperatures now getting into the 340s as climbs above freezing for the first time this morning under a clear sky, lots of sunshine and not much wind, we'll have highs climing into the 30s and tomorrow partly cloudy up near 50, upper 20s saturday northern, lots of sun and clouding up later today. highs in the upper 40s before that. and then on sunday, a keld rain likely, morning >> natalie and tamron, that's your latest weather. back to you guys. >> al, thank you so much. you and ann have been doing an incredible job there. thanks for your reporting. we'll talking to al tomorrow as well from haiti. coming up next, making a lighter switch here, from earrings to scarves to belts, savvy storage ideas to help you accessorize in style.
9:34 am
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9:37 am
this morning on bobbie's style buzz, organizing your accessories. admit it, this sounds familiar, overstuffed drawer, tangled jewelry boxes. if the cold weather has you cooped up at home, looking for something to do, no time like the present to get organized. bobbie thomas has very clever ideas for us. >> nice to see you. >> i'm so excited about this i know the tips because i read your notes. let's share with other people, starting off with bargain buys. >> invest $10 to $20 and it can really help you store your accessories much better. >> which is key. you don't have to spend a fortune. >> right, and accessories are things you forget to wear. if you can't see it, how can you wear it? uh-uh can find this pocket organizer online at and so many places. you can find it about $10.
9:38 am
store yours on one side, his on the other. it doesn't take up that much room in your closet. >> we don't have room for his, only ours. you're right, what you don't see, you usually forget about and don't wear it. >> exactly. these hanging shelves great for seasonal storage items. i like putting everything from hats to gloves, but go ahead and buy a second one and put in your summer items so you can literally unvelcro, untie it, put it in the garage and bring out the other one so you don't have to take something out and put it in. have two and swap them out in the season. >> you're not worried that the width is taking up too much because you put multiple things on it? >> exactly. you can find slimmer option s and ideas. ikea, great solution. >> under your bed or other things? >> on the top shelf most of us will stack our handbags. >> right. >> when you go to take one out, it will all come tumbling down. dish rack organizers, i like
9:39 am
putting my clutches in them. you can even find the under-the-cabinet storage helpers for $1.99. you can stack these for the bigger bags. >> who knew? savvy storage, is this what we're talking about? >> the shoe organizers are great for other things, great for special occasion to hide under the bed, shoes, belts, other special occasions. >> your savvy list? >> this is my savvy storage items. think about repurposing things around the house to use for your trinkets, ice cube trays, 99 cents or an egg carton. >> was it passed down as an idea? >> it's great to keep your rings, put it in the drawer and put it away. they can stack. really inexpensive. a ladder you're not using from a bunk bed or trellis from the garden, great and inconspicuous space to store your scarves so they don't bunch up and wrinkle.
9:40 am
candle stick holders to store your bangles. really good idea. you don't have to burn the candles. if you want, it's a great way to remind yourself what you have laying around. a few diy ideas. i love doing this for girlfriends. it's a great gift idea. take a frame and stretch some lace or tulle or mesh. >> you just to the back off the frame? >> yes, and stretch lace or something like this tulle to give you a nice earring organizer. these are cutlerry boxes. ta krchck some nails, i added s gems and this is great to display those adornments. they're meant to be seen. for anyone who wears glasses, eyeglasses, sunglasses, reading glasses, great way to grab them as you're going out the door. if you don't want to do a weekend project, i am in love
9:41 am
with roaming through the home aisles like t.j. maxx and marsha marshall's. you can find all these beautiful ways to display your jewelry as well. >> excellent. i promise you, i'm doing it and e-mailing a picture. bobbie thomas, thank you so much. great ideas. >> thank you. up next, bobbi brown with tips on how to peel years off your face, no incision required, after this.
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9:44 am
this morning on "today's" beauty, looking younger with a few simple tricks. you don't need medicated creams or surgery to fix those facial flaws. give yourself an instant look with makeup. bobbi brown is here with solutions to your beauty problems. good morning. >> good morning, natalie. >> you created a really cool campaign called pretty powerful. tell me about that. >> it's about real women.
9:45 am
i believe all women are beautiful without make-up, they look really pretty but it's powerful to put on make-up and feel good about yourself. >> friends of bobbi, right? >> and i'm really good picking up women on the street, too. >> really? okay, good. >> that's been forever. i really believe it's all about real women's beauty and solving beauty problem. >> you've been doing this for 20 years. >> i have. >> your belief really is that every woman has an inner beauty but it really shows on their face and you help to accentuate that, right? >> absolutely. it's pretty simple. >> we found two beautiful real women. taking a look first at april, a picture of her before. she's a gorgeous woman. >> beautiful. >> great features. you can accentuate the features that she has, right? >> definitely. >> tell me what you wanted to do with april. >> it's really about evening out her skin. we brightened up under her eyes and it's about a pop of color. a lot of women want to know how to keep cream blush on longer. >> right. >> we put a touch of the powder
9:46 am
blush on first then going right on top with a little bit of the pot rouge. >> powder first then the cream? >> powder first, then the cream. she's got amazing lips. we're playing up her lips. and she has an unbelievable skin, but we brightened up under her eye with his a little bit of an eye brightener, which is easy and quick to do, defining her brows with a brow pencil. >> so many different shades of concealer. a lot of people sometimes make the mistake of putting too light of a concealer under their eyes? >> right, that is not good. >> you get that coon eye? >> right. you want to brighten the eyes and a little definition. >> this is a liquid-based concealer. some continueto be a stick consistency. >> some women have more problems, richer, denser, a lot of women need corrector, which corrects darkness. you have to try it.
9:47 am
you really have to go in and find what -- >> what works for you? it's pretty powerful. >> you look beautiful. pretty powerful, indeed. >> 50 different women on the campaign. >> >> wonderful. let's take a look at janice, before picture of janice. her problem was really the skin tone was a little uneven, right? >> right. she doesn't have a lot of problems. she's adorable. and she has incredible skin. but what we did for janice -- let me give april her make-up back. what we did was use just a spot corrector to even out spots around her nose. she didn't need a foundation all over. and it's yellow tone. yellow tone evens out everything. we used a little bit of plum shadow. >> very pretty. >> she has amazing, amazing lips, okay? so what this is a brightening
9:48 am
lip gloss. what this does, by the way, is enhance her natural lip and for women that just need a little bit of pick-me-up, which we all do this time of year -- >> look at her lips. >> i know. amazing. >> angelina jolie lips there. >> right. she looks great with color. a lot of women are afraid of color, but you want to feel pretty and powerful. smile. and it's beautiful. one of my bobbi tricks, i always want to put a little extra gloss on the cheek. i want everybody to have a glow. >> fresh, exactly. >> bobbie thomas, ladies -- >> bobbi brown. >> i'm sorry. it's the two bobbis. you guys are confusing us here. >> great campaign. look forward to seeing more of it at the kio sk and what's next than a skinny bowl of soup on a cold winter's day? how to make hot, delicious pasta soups next. first this is "today" on nbc.
9:49 am
9:50 am
9:51 am
this morning on "today's" kitchen, acclaimed teacher and hot chef, juliano hazan. he was sure-fired short cuts. >> 100 quick and key word, easy. good morning. >> good morning. >> already put me to work be doing onions. >> pasta fagioli, right? >> a quick version. what i have here already done is i've sauteed the celery, carrots and onions with whole garlic cloves. >> whole tomatoes. >> fresh tomatoes. this is what thickens it up, to add some of the mashed beans. i held some back. these are cranberry beans. they have little red spots.
9:52 am
when they're cooked, they're brown like this. and this is a mashed potato and so what this does is it thickens everything up. and you see, the way i did it was to use a food mill like this. i'll show you a little bit. a food mill really makes a very nice, even, smooth texture. >> that's great. >> comes out very easily. we're going to let this cook 15, 20 minutes. then we cook the pasta. >> you didn't have to soak the beans or anything overnight? >> these are dried beans but the ones in here were canned beans. last thing i do is add a fresh bay leaf. >> extra flavor. >> i think i burned the onions. >> no, they look beautiful. >> okay. >> this is a neapolitan colored broth soup. the broth is really just water
9:53 am
and it gets -- this is ground beef. it gets colored by the meat and the tomatoes that are in there, see? pancetta is a cured smoked bacon. >> very tasty. >> this is ground beef. bake it like that. >> be aggressive? >> work it. >> and as soon as the meat loses its raw color, you season it with some salt. >> and pepper. >> and some pepper. and then what we do is we add the tomato paste. >> smells great. >> my goodness. okay. >> and some nutmeg, gives it a really nice sort of -- >> i've never seen nutmeg outside of a can, the little plastic container. >> you can grate it. everything together like this. >> adding any pasta to that? >> this one needs to cook a little bit, too. we're ing add some water to it, just plain water. the water is what is going to make the broth over here.
9:54 am
and then i cook it with this pasta, little tubes. >> the small ones, right. >> if i go back here, i have some that's already finished to that point. we're going to finish it up. this is the pasta fagioli. i'm going to do it in the crock pot. add some parsley, finely chopped, stir it up like this. then you serve t see it's nice and thick. >> perfect, perfect. >> that's a little bit of extra virgin olive oil on top. and a little bit of parmesan cheese if you would like to add some parmesan cheese to it and this is ready. this one is the neapo litan colored broth soup. >> how long did it take? >> this one takes no more than
9:55 am
30 minutes to make. and i add a little bit of cheese to this as well. >> great. looks amazing. >> there you go. and then you can taste it. pasta fagioli in italy is done in lots of differen regions. so, everybody has their own way of doing it. >> delicious. >> thank you so much. still to come on "today," when is the right time to talk to your kids about sex? [ male announcer ] let's talk about putting our best square foot forward. then let's do more than talk about it. let's turn picturing it into planning it, thinking it over into making it happen. let's say out with the old and in with the new. let's create some wall-to-wall "wow." [ man ] ♪ oh! [ male announcer ] more saving. more doing.
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that's the power of the home depot. right now, get any carpet installed for just 97 bucks -- any brand, any style, any number of rooms.
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our time right now is 89:56, 31 degrees here in the nation's capital. i'm joe krebs in the news4 today. montrose road is still closed over i-270 hours after a tanker truck burst into flameses. the driver is okay, but people who live near the scene of the accident said they heard an explosion so loud it woke them up overnight. now let's get a check of the traffic. >> we're still seeing residual effects from that incident on montrose road. northbound i-270, this is traffic leaving the beltway heading away from you. the local lanes still blocked 270, so we're still seeing delays northbound on 270. southbound 270 still pretty
9:58 am
heavy. getting a little milder now. >> temperatures will be continuing to climb in the next couple of hours and hitting the mid to upper 40s. and then tonight, partly cloudy, mid 20s tomorrow morning. then a nice warmup on friday, just a few clouds, highs near 50 degrees. then or saturday, upper 40s with sunshine, and clouding up on saturday night, cold rain on sunday. >> you can visit our website to find out how you can help the people
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda caught by. captions paid for by nbc-universal television hello, everybod it's thursday, january 14th, the 50th anniversary today of the "today" show. >> happy anniversary to all of us. >> i'm happy something is older than i am, you know? it's two years older. >> willard scott. >> big, strong willard. >> news continues to come in. >> all bad in haiti. well, not all bad. >> the frustrating thing is that no one knows what the death toll is. it could be 50,000, it could be
10:01 am
500,000. >> a wide spectrum. >> there's no way of really knowing. they don't have modern equipment to just move the rubble. there aren't enough hands literally to do that. people are sending a lot of aid. i have to say, people -- grassroots, everyday regular people are so incredible. >> brings out the best in people, doesn't it? >> it does. is the dominican doing anything for them? they're right next do. are they helping? >> they're sendi some military people over, because peacekeeping is important, too. they're sending some military over. i know that the u.s. is sending, russia, china and ships are coming in, supplies are coming in. no matter what you think, it can't be fast enough. that's the thing. it can't be fast enough. >> of course. >> i was looking on my facebook page and a guy wrote i only have $50 and i'm giving it. please give what you can. i just think the number of people who are giving -- even via text, they said they already surpassed $1 million, people
10:02 am
giving money via text message. on our website, figure out how you can give -- i was really upset about pat robertson's comments. he made a comment about what had happened. now we're watching these imagines. >> right. >> it makes your stomach hurt. >> he says it's a histo lesson about how haiti made a pact with the devil, you're saying, many, many years ago in order to free from naopolean's france. >> to say it that day -- he was number two on twitter. that just shows the frustration level. not -- i don't care what you believe. not now, you know what i mean? not now. >> when people are laying there with such devastation, you would hope that compassion would reign more than condemnation.
10:03 am
i do know pat personally. he's a good-hearted man. sometimes he speaks before he thinks about the repercussions of how devastating his words can be. >> he said something about katrina. >> i know. >> every time there's a tragedy, there's things -- >> believe me, it's upsetting to many people of the christian faith, that he's representing everything that -- and he's not. and he would agree with that. but he sticks to what he believes. >> sure. we made a mistake the other day apparently. >> we made a mistake? >> i know. we were playing "who knew?" >> what? >> is it true or false that martin luther king wrote all of his own speeches. >> yeah. >> friend of mine from california called me the other day and said, kathie, maybe it's no big deal, but he did not write the "i have a dream" speech. it was clarence b. jones, a martin luther king speechwriter and counsel and also has written a book "what would martin say," highly decorated man. i don't know what the truth is. he has written a book called
10:04 am
"what would main say" that's apparently amazing. >> we'll have to get that straight. that's a big speech. >> the speech of his career, definitely. definitely. if we were wrong, though, we want to be right. >> and if we weren't wrong, there you have it. >> you know, it never hurts to say i'm sorry or i was wrong. >> but we don't know. >> no. but also, you know, for pat robertson and different people that say things that then they realize the carnage that can actually be caused because of our words. >> exact. >> this is a weird story. there is a single mom in the military, okay? and the army wants to file criminal charges against her because she refused to deploy to afghanistan because she has a child who there is no one apparently there to care for. >> her mother was doing it, i believe, right? >> her mother was. >> and then could not deal with the 1-year-old at the time. so, she missed her flight. >> what do you think about that? charging -- it seems weird.
10:05 am
feel like the laws haven't caught up with the times, the laws and the moms. >> rules are really important and i'm not all for anarchy. i know human beings too well. anarchy is a really bad choice. talk about the survival of only the fittest. so, i think they're very, very important. but at the same time, people's situations -- i'm all for mercy too. and this is a woman who is a cook. that's what she's being deployed to do. ft. hood where she could cook there, still serve in the military and still have her child be safe. >> the army is saying they know their deployment dates. they have to show up otherwise face consequences. it seems it's very black and white. >> did she go to them in an attempt to solve the problem or did she just go awol? >> i don't know what happened. >> i think they might work -- i don't think we know that whole story. the other thing we don't know about -- >> what don't we know? >> kate gosselin apparently will get her own reality show.
10:06 am
>> enough said. it's enough already, okay? picture this. it's kate without the eight and kate without the jon. so, it's just kate. what is that going to be about? >> kate without the ratings. i don't know. >> seems like -- fascinating human being, maybe she's a good human being. i don't know. i've nev met her. i can't see how that would be interesting on a daily basis, but that's just me. >> what about heidi montagg? she's like that half of spidey. >> spencer and heidi. from haiti to heidi. i don't know. >> this girl has decided she wants to do a whole bunch of plastic surgery because it makes her feel better. good for her. do what you want but she did how many -- >> ten things in one day. >> mini brow lift, nose job, fat reduction in cheeks and lips, chin reduction, neck lipo. >> you can get neck lipo?
10:07 am
>> breast augmentation, lipo on hips, outer thighs. >> self love can be a good thing because you love your neighbor as you love yourself. there's supposed to be a healthy self love. that kind of self love, narcissistic self love is self hatred. >> good point. >> she was a lovely, lovely girl. >> pretty. >> now she says she has to do it to stay competitive in this business. you know what? jennifer aniston hasn't done all that stuff and she's pretty competitive. >> double or triple ds and she wants more. >> i don't want bigger. i just want higher. you know what i mean? higher is good. anyway, she said it's an investment in her career. the industry made her do it. >> no, no. >> look at meryl streep. uh-uh. didn't make her do it. >> she said she was insecure when she was a kid. >> she still is. >> the funny thing, if your
10:08 am
insecurities are your issue, a plastic surgeon isot the sort of doctor you should be seeing. >> that's putting a band-aid on a serious -- >> you should be seeing a shrink. >> maybe she and kate gosselin could do the reality series together. now i'm getting interested. >> yes, you are. is it okay or not okay in "okay" magazine to wear sunglasses indoors? >> are we in "okay" again? >> yes. >> how have they not fired us? >> that's typical. we don't get paid anyway. >> is it okay or not okay to wear sunglasses indoors? kathie lee says it depends how much of a mess you look like without them. do the world a favor and put om some shades. i say it's not okay to wear shades inside. no matter the reason, you look like you're too cool for the room. if you have to explain it --
10:09 am
and good morning. i'm matt lauer in new york, and this is an nbc news special report. in just a couple of minutes, president obama will give an update on the u.s. efforts to assist the victims of the earthquake in haiti. right now, nine u.s. navy ships are heading there along with some 2,200 marines and an advanced team of soldiers coming from ft. bragg. we're going to go to the diplomatic room at the white house where the president is expected to speak. we're told he'll be flanked by vice president joe biden, admiral mike mullen, of course, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, secretary of state hillary clinton, secretary of defense robert gates, janet napolitano, the secretary of the department of homeland security, and dr. rajiv shah, who's the usaid administrator who's been in some ways put in charge of the effort. here now is the president of the united states. >> good morning, everybody. i've directed my administration to launch a swift, coordinated
10:10 am
and aggressive effort to save lives and support the recovery in haiti. the losses that have been suffered in haiti are nothing less than devastating. in responding to a disaster of this magnitude will require every element of our national capacity. our diplomacy and development assistance, the power of our military and, most importantly, the compassion of our country. and this morning i am joined by several members of my national security team who are leading this coordinated response. i've made it clear to each of these leaders that haiti must be a top priority for their departments and agencies right now. this is one of those moments that calls out for american leadership. for the sake of our citizens who are in haiti, for the sake of the haitian people who have suffered so much, and for the sake of our common humanity, we stand in solidarity with our neighbors to the south, knowing that but for the grace of god,
10:11 am
there we go. this morning, i can report that the first waves of our rescue and relief workers are on the ground and at work. the survey team worked overnight to identify priority areas for assistance and shared the results of that riew throughout the united states government and with inrnational partners who are also sending support. search-and-rescue teams are actively working to save lives. our military has secured the airport and prepared it to receive the heavy equipment and resources that are on the way and to receive them around the clock, 24 hours a day. an air-lift has been set up to deliver high-priority items like water and medicine, and we're coordinating closely with the haitian government, the united nations and other countries who are also on the ground. we have no higher priority than the safety of american citizens, and we've air-lifted injured americans out of haiti. we're running additional evacuations and will continue to do so in the days ahead. i know that many americans, especially haitian americans,
10:12 am
are desperate for information and the state department has set up a phone number and e-mai address that you can find at,, to inquire about your loved ones. and you should know that we will not rest until we account for our fellow americans in harm's way. even as we move as quickly as possible, it will take hours, and inany cases, days, to get all of our people and resources on the ground. right now in haiti roads are impassable, the main por is badly damaged, communications are just beginning to come online and aftershoc continue. none of this will seem quick enough if you have a loved one who's trapped, if you're sleeping on the streets, if you can't feed your children, but it's important that everybody in haiti understand at this very moment, one of the largest relief efforts in our recent
10:13 am
history is moving towards haiti. more american search-and-rescue teams are coming, more food, more water, doctors, nurses, paramedics, more of the people, equipment and capabilities that can make the difference between life and death. the united states armed forces are also on their way to support this effort. several coast guard cutters are already there providing everything from basic services like water to vital technical support for this massive logistical operation. elements of the army's 82nd airborne division will arrive today. we're also deploying a marine expeditionary unit, the aircraft carrier "uss carl vincent" and the navy's hospital ship, "the comfort." and today i'm also announcing an immediate investment of $100 million to support our relief efforts. this will mean more of the life-saving equipment, food, water and medicine that will be needed. this investment will grow over the coming year as we embark on the long-term recovery from this
10:14 am
unimaginable tragedy. the united states of america will also forge the partnerships that this undertaking demands. we will partner with the haitian people, and that includes the government of haiti, which needs our support as they recover from the devastation of this earthquake. it also includes the many haitian americans who are determined to help their friends and family. and i've asked vice president biden to meet in south florida this weekend with members of the haitian american community and with responders who are mobilizing to help the haitian people. we will partner with the united nations and its dedicated personnel and peacekeepers, especially those from brazil who are already on the ground due to their outstanding peacekeeping efforts there. and i want to say that our hearts go out to the united nations, which has experienced one of the greatest losses in its history. we have no doubt that we can carry on the work that was done by so many of the u.n. effort that have been lost, and we see that their legacy is haiti's hope for the future. and we will partner with other
10:15 am
nations and organizations, and that's why i've been reaching out to leaders from across the americas and beyond who are sendg resources to support this effort, and we will join with the strong network of nongovernmental organizations across the country who understand the daily struggles of the haitian people. yet, even as we bring our resources to bear on this emergency, we need to summon the tremendous generosity and compassion of the american people. i want to thank the many americans who have already contributed to this effort. i want to encourage all americans who want to help to go to to learn more. and in the days ahead, we will continue to work with those individuals and organizations who want to assist this effort so that you can do so. finally, i want to speak directly to the people of haiti. few in the world have endured the hardships that you have known. long before this tragedy, daily life itself was often a bitter struggle. and after suffering so much for so long, to face this new horror
10:16 am
must cause some to look up and ask have we somehow been forsaken. to the people of haiti, we say clearly and with conviction, you will not be forsaken, you will not be forgotten. in this, your hour of greatest need, america stands with you, the world stands with you. we know that you are a strong and resilient people. you have endured a history of slavery and struggle, of natural disaster and recory, and through it all, your spirit has been unbroken and your faith has been unwavering. so, today you must know that help is arriving, much, much more help is on the way. thank you very much, everybody. >> mr. president, will you travel to haiti? >> that's president obama in the diplomatic room of the white house flanked by members of his national security team, speaking directly, at the end there, to the people of haiti, saying they will not be forsaken. speaking for the most of that time to the people of the united states, saying that we are in
10:17 am
the very beginning of what is now the largest relief effort in our recent history, but stressing that this is an effort that's going to take time. and for the people who have been so impacted by this earthquake, it's going to seem like an eternity, but help is on the way. brian williams is at the airport in port-au-prince in haiti. and brian, the president reiterated that the number one priority is getting out there and saving lives and getting supplies and medical assistance to the people in need, and standing at that airport, i think you can see the level of activity that backs that up. >> reporter: well, matt, it can be done. last night the canadians came in, who have the cargo plane, and 100 canadians who needed escort out of here, and they did it. they were wheels up by dark. the first big american cargo plane arrived and has already left. it's going to just begin an air bridge, a chain of aircraft, as you heard the president say. my only fear is, matt, it's going to be a good long time before the haitian people, all of them, hear those good wishes
10:18 am
from the president, because of course, power, communications are all down and it's going to take some time. right now they're struggling with daily life. >> all right, brian. we'll e you a little later on this afternoon for "nightly news." i want to bring in chuck todd real quickly, as well. chuck, it seems to me in this speech, the president making a >> reporter: he did, and you ne. heard him talk about the aid that's going to be needed for the weeks and months to come as they rebuild haiti, and that's why expect more announcements out of this white house. as we reported earlier, president obama reached out to former president bush, george w. bush, asking him to team up with former president clinton to try lead an effort for the humanitarian aid that's going to come, of course, after this search-and-rescue effort comes. and then, first lady michelle obama is going to have a similar message, apparently in a public service announcement, a tv ad, that will begin airing as quickly as they can possibly do it. she's cutting it this morning, but it's going to be a similar message that the president himself said in those remarks,
10:19 am
people for more aid, matt. >> all right, chuck. thanks very much. chuck todd at the white house. the president praised americans for the generosity they've shown to date and encouraged them to be generous in the days and weeks ahead. andrea mitchell is joining us as well. andreia, i'm just curious what type of generosity, what type of efforts are we seeing from our sallize in this hemisphere and outside of it? >> it is pouring in already, even though, as the president has made clear, this is going to ultimately be a u.s. responsibility. we are the closest neighbor and the closest large neighbor. we are the oy force that can really air-lift all of this in. but china, spain, france, canada have already been sending in planes and ships are on the way. brazil, the brazilian president, even though there has been political difficulty between him and the united states, he's already been in touch with president obama on the phone. hillary clinton and the president have both said that this is an international effort. the world bank has pledged $100 million, the u.n. $10 million, despite its grievous losses, the
10:20 am
worst, really, in u.n. history in the collapse of the u.n. headquarters there. we don't even know the deaths yet of the u.n. force there. so, this is an international, it is a global effort, but ultimately, it is going to be on the united states and the u.s. military. matt? >> andrea mitchell, thank you very much. our thanks to chuck todd and to brian williams in port-au-prince this morning. again, the president saying to the people of haiti, although they cannot hear him yet this morning because of a lack of power, that they will not be forsaken in their time of need. we're going to have much more on this story throughout the day on
10:21 am
you may remember last may when folks at tourism queensland put out the help wanted ad in the form of a contest, offering the best job in the world. >> we thought we had it, right? >> yeah, we did. >> ben suffolk, british charity worker got the six-month job as an island caretaker, $130,000 american dollars and beat out thousands of competitors for the job. welcome to america. >> thank you. >> i bet you're missing that job now, right? >> great to be here. nice to be in a bit of a winter for a change. i left quite a warm australian summer. >> that's really, really rude. >> lots of people are very jealous and understandably. >> what did you do?
10:22 am
we see you in the hot air balloon and jet ski. other than gallavanting and enjoying yourself, what did you have to do? >> that is my job. my island where i'm looking after, basically discover where all 300 islands are there. some are luxury resorts. amazing activities, water skiing, jet skiing and i have to go and do them and then write about them. >> your work started at night, really, after you experienced it during the day? you would sit down and start blogging about it? >> that's when the real crux of the job kicked in, sit down and write about it, put together a website and videos. it's a nice location, very nice place to be. >> you had to do late-night drinking. >> until 1:00 in the morning. >> you had the perfect job. what do you do now? >> it finished january 1st. i've got an extended 18-month contract, working out there in australia, moved down do brisbayne and now will be traveling all around the planet
10:23 am
as a dploebl ambassador for queensland, telling the key destinations around the world exactly how wonderful queensland is. >> you're maximizing this opportunity? >> it's been a great career in the world. >> not just a job, but career. >> picked out of 34,000 people. why did they pick you? >> what was so great about you? >> i don't want to -- queensland way of life, living in the great outdoors, loving social life, taking on anything new. that, indeed, was what they liked about me. all of 2008 in a land recovery, raise money for charity. i ran a website. >> this is just innate for you, you love doing it naturally. my daddy always said find something you love to do and figure out a way to get paid for it. you're the embodiment of that. >> you did charity work before. are you still doing that? >> in the uk. on the back of this, slightly
10:24 am
higher profile, i'm doing more expeditions 2010-2011, involve the great barrier reef, something like that. i don't know yet. we still have to work that one out. >> how about your juicy -- was there any time for a little kissy face? >> my girlfriend was with me. >> oh! >> thank you. >> the best job because she didn't have to do any of the work. she got to enjoy. >> she could start drinking at noon. >> ben, thank you so much. >> adorable. all the best. congratulations. still to come, talking to your kids about sex. >> no! >> yes. plus how these people became half their size, after your local news.
10:25 am
10:26 am
coming up today at midday. >> a fiery crash on montrose road right at i-270, the impact on drivers this morning, what witnesses have to say about this amazing scene. while a hall of famer is in court this morning. and the latest on that devastation from haiti, how local first responders are saving lives on the island,
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
okay. we're back on this thursday with our parenting "today" series and how to talk to your kids about sex. it's a conversation no one really wants to have, but -- >> yeah. a new survey shows parents are waiting too long to have that conversation. more than 40% of teens had intercourse before having a conversation with their parents about safe sex, birth control stds. >> the longer you t it off, the talk, i mean, the more damage that can be done. >> dr. eichorn, deneen miller is from parenting magazine. hello, ladies. so, when is the right time to have that discussion with your kids? >> or does itd dend on the kid? >> it really depends on the kid.
10:31 am
there is no right time. the right time is when you're ready to have the conversation and when you know you need to have the conversation. probably before you think you should. >> shouldn't it be before puberty? if these kids are having intercourse and they're 14 and they haven't talked to their parents about it, that's ludicrous. >> in my house i think it's appropriate to talk to them when they're asking questions. my daughter at age 4 wanted to know where babies came from. the stork brings it is not an option. >> you can't say from mommy's tummy? >> exactly, you have to tailor the words for the child. when mommy and daddy fell in love, we decided to have a baby. >> let's say you have a son and a daughter. should the father have the discussion with the son or should both parents talk with both kids or how should it work in terms of that? >> both parents should talk with both kids. dads have a different perspective than moms. >> that's why they shouldn't do it. right there is the reason why they shouldn't do it. >> girls need to know that this is an important conversation
10:32 am
that they can be able to have with their father. same for boys. >> if you're an 8-year-old kid and you're talking -- i found with my children, they didn't want one of the other parents around. >> if you start that conversation with them, then it becomes more comfortable for them to talk to you about it. >> definitely. >> and for them to come to you. you really have to start ely. >> there's a discussion to have, about the logistics and then there's the love discussion. >> spiritual discussion. >> right? >> that's when you start putting in your own family values. you know, it doesn't have to be just about the actual doing of the deed. what does your family believe? how do you approach sex when you become an adult? what would you like your children to think of before they decide to take that next step? >> do you know what concerns me, it's a huge concern. you look at all the problems we have in society. so much of it, i believe, is because first of all children are not getting the parenting that they deserve and they're also so bombarreded with sexual
10:33 am
images and sexual talk that they don't even get the childhood they deserve. >> that's why you have to do the talking. >> i know that. >> right. >> but it's very -- who is going to do it if the parents don't? the schools do it. and they just do it so clinically. >> clinical. >> and it's really important that parents have that conversation. parents have more influence than they realize over their kids, more than me as their pediatrician, more than their friends and parents help them make those decisions. they understand what your values are, what your expectations are in your household. and i think that's important for them to know. >> what if your child doesn't come to you and doesn't ask you? is there an age -- kathie was talking about 8. >> they used to say by 8 you need to have the talk. >> if they're not coming to you, when do you think it's a good time to go to your child? >>hen my daughter turned 8 the pediatrician turned to me and said have you had the talk? and i was like, what do you mean? which talk? she said, you know, she's getting to the point where she's going to start going through puberty. you need to talk to her about what's going to change with her
10:34 am
body. >> and they are going through puberty earlier, aren't they? >> absolutely. they need to know what's going on. >> sometimes parents don't know what to say. should you -- some people use funny names for private parts of your body. some people think you should do it by the book. what's the right way? >> every time i try to use the right one, they say, no, mommy, say gina or wang, mom, cody would say. then it became funny. >> it's important for kids to know the proper terminology. the re parents use it, the more comfortable kids will become with using it. >> what's the harm in using something else? >> you wouldn't tell your child to give a different name for an arm, foot or leg. >> yeah, we do. >> so, why -- >> you don't know our house. >> when you give those private parts a special name, then you're telling them that you're uncomfortable talking about this and they should be uncomforble talking about those parts, too. and not with you, they can't do that. >> i think it's hard, too, because a lot of people were raised -- our generation, where
10:35 am
our parents ddn't have that big discussion. now it's new territory. >> any time you can make something fun for children, they tend to remember it better and tend not to be burdened with ner nerosis like things. she said to her, susie, are you pregnant? susie looked at my sister and said, no, mishy, are you? and she was like 4 and said, no, we're presbyterian. there's a difference between pregnant and presbyterian. >> it's great there was an opportunity there and parents take the opportunity. and they have a funny conversation with their kid and ask them, what do you think about that? >> right. >> thank you. >> thanks a lot. >> so great for you coming on. you can find more help on our web. good light -- good luck at it took everything these people had, but they managed to drop half of their weight. how, right after this.
10:36 am
10:37 am
10:38 am
10:39 am
it is time for take it off "today." incredible life changes. for so many, losing five pounds is such a battle. imagine being able to lose half your body weight. >> in a moment we'll meet three people that have done just that. they're all featured in "people's" half their size issue. galina, good morning. >> we love this issue. >> every year, the before and
10:40 am
after pictures get me every time. >> they always do, but especially after the holidays, when everybody feels like they've gained half their weight. >> you look at these people and think if they can do it, anyone should be able to do it. >> exactly. >> okay. what's the -- we have wendy eck. she dropped 138 pounds. this is her starting weight. she used to weigh 328 pounds. wendy, we want to see what you look like now. come on out. wow! >> incredible. >> look at -- >> she's tiny. >> you look tiny. how did you do that, by the way? >> nutrisystem. >> really? >> yeah. >> how long did that take? >> one year. >> look at you with the hat and look at you now. >> just losing the hat helped, though. >> one year and eight months, it was. >> wow! >> yep. >> did you ever get discouraged or after it started coming off -- >> that kept me motivated, yep, the weight each week coming off. >> did you cheat? >> no.
10:41 am
maybe like after the first year, i did, when we went on a cruise, i cheated the little bit. >> that's what got me, cruises. >> you get up really early, don't you, to exercise? >> yeah. i get up at 4:30, at the health club at 6:00, workout and go to work. >> it's a lifestyle change you have to commit to. otherwise it doesn't work. there's no quick fix to this kind of problem. >> that's a life lesson about everything. >> consistency. >> what you put into something is what you're going to get back. >> yeah. thank you so muc >> wendy, step over there, skinny. >> congratulations. >> we have a couple next. let's start with the female side of the couple. >> the buddy system really worked here. >> this is kim's before picture, getting into her wedding dress. she dropped 152 pounds from her starting weight of 285. we're going to meet her husband in a minute. but let's meet kim right now. come on out, kim. oh, my gosh! >> that was you! that was you. hello! >> i'm sorry. >> we don't believe it's really you. >> wait. when you look at those before and after shots, what do you
10:42 am
think? >> i don't know that person. i do not know that person. >> is that your daughter in the shot with you? >> no, that -- no, uh-uh. >> how long ago was that picture taken? when did you get married? >> we got married in -- oh, my goodness. oh, gosh. >> we better bring her husband out. >> usually the husband doesn't remember. >> we were married in '92. >> how long did it take you to drop that weight? >> a little over two years. >> how did you start? people have trouble just starting usually. >> uh-huh. well, the doctor had put me on high blood pressure medication and i was prediabetic. >> yeah. >> so, it was time. >> and did you make the choice with your husband? did you do it at the same time so you would have the buddy system working for you? >> yes. we did it together, yeah. i started a little bit before him and he saw me losing weight and jumped on board. >> what did you do, nutrisystem, weight watchers? >> weight watchers. >> it was easy to pick her, right? >> it was, and especially as a couple. in a relationship certainly when you see your spouse starting to
10:43 am
lose weight it's a good motivator. >> if you're cooking for each other, too. it's awkward. somebody has a plate of pasta in them. >> if she has to go running, what's he going to do, stay in bed? they really kept each other going. >> we're going to ask you to hang out there and we'll bring out your gorgeous husband. this is tom's before picture. tom used to weigh 295 pounds. he's down to 195. tom, come on out. >> i like your music. >> hello, skinny! >> this is kind of weird, isn't it? >> incredible shrinking man. >> your wife jump-started you into getting into this? >> absolutely. she was a big inspiration for me and has always been big on the weight watcher program. i just couldn't help but follow what she was doing. >> you felt like you were this couch potato, watching your wife? >> i was a couch potato. now our lives are so different, it's amazing how different. >> for men sometimes it's easier, isn't it, to take the weight off? >> it is and it can be frustrating for the women. tom said whenever one of them would fall off the horse, they
10:44 am
would get each other back on and kept each other motivated. now they train for races together. >> do you really? >> they're doing a 5k >> conversely, when one gains weight, they can enable. >> yes. >> huge inspiration. >> keep this issue going. we love it. >> thank you. and up next, something to toast success with. everybody needs a little -- >> something. >> sip of something. >> yeah.
10:45 am
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